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Breathing the Same Air: Associates and RSCJ

Oh, what an amazing journey I have had on the path to become an Associate of the Sacred Heart! My memories of Religious of the Sacred Heart are like pearls on a string … the warm welcome I always receive in whatever RSCJ community I am visiting, the gift of being part of Maureen Little’s journey to final vows, learning to pray with Shirley Miller, Anne Sturges and Jane McKinlay, the fun with Lil Conaghan, the wisdom of Mary Ann Foy. My sisters breathing the same air!

I am deeply grateful for the call to province leadership on the Associates National Committee. Like Philippine, I said, “Please no!” but forged ahead because of the courage of Anne Byrne, the wisdom of Anne Wente, and the unstoppable joy of Sheila Hammond and Sharon Karam. My amazing journey as an Associate continues to be blessed by wonderful RSCJ across the province. Yet I know deeply that ALL of this stems from Sophie’s dream of spreading the love of the Heart of Christ in all places, from Philippine’s diligence to “get the job done” and from Janet Stuart’s “begin something new.”  We share a joy-filled, magnetic journey “to make known the love of the Heart of God.” I am totally blessed.