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First and Second Weeks of Lent

  • Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Scripture:  Luke 10:23 “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.”

From JPIC Communication #3: Transforming Relationships

a) Compassion: to see through the perspective of transforming relationships brings an attitude of hope to a broken world. Sophie was convinced of the primacy of God’s love, and through God’s love saw possibilities for the transformation of lives and social structures. In her time and place, the best means available for women to participate in God’s mission of love was through the education of girls. In contemporary times, the international Society continues to view the world first through God’s eyes of compassion. We do this infused with the same hope for transformation of individuals, and of structures that inflict suffering on the most vulnerable people and endanger all life on Earth. Today the means available for this work are multiple and varied according to context: teaching, formation, human development, promotion of justice, pastoral work, and guidance in the faith (Const. 13), to name a few.


Contemplate the Society’s JPIC image. What do you see, with your eyes, and what is revealed through the eyes of your heart?