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First Friday Reflection for August 2016

Artist Stephen B. Whatley

A Life in Living Color

The use of color in this computer generated image suggests the spirit of kenosis:  Christ empties Himself, from above and below, into the Sacred Heart. Paradoxically, the very creation of the void generates vibrant color.  Tears are the engine of change, as the divine and human crash together at the center point, the Heart of the Universe.

I am prompted to consider that over time, if I empty myself of self- centered, limited wants and create space for God’s desires, my life can be transformed into one of unimaginable color.  A limited life that was once black, white, and gray is cracked open into expansive possibility, a life of riotous hues.  Not necessarily a life without suffering, pain, and challenge, but unquestionably a life in living color.  A life of deep compassion, empathy and joy.

As a fiber artist, I am reminded that in the visible spectrum, the color white reflects light and takes into itself ALL the colors the human eye can see.  When considered from this perspective, the image also suggests Christ taking all of us into Himself - by doing so, we are enabled to become more distinctly and deeply our true selves.  All our tears, all our work, all our thoughts transformed into a gushing torrent of compassion that when filtered through the Sacred Heart can be balm for a hurting world.

I am left with only one prayer, uttered from deep inside myself:  Come, Lord Jesus.

Reflection by Jeannie Steenberge, MARE, Teacher at Villa Duchesne - Oak Hill Schools

Image by artist Stephen B. Whatley