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First Friday Reflection, December 2014

Cor ad cor loquitor

This bronze statue of Christ and the child is located in a narrow courtyard on the campus of Saint Louis University, not far from the United States-Canada Provincial House. The sculptor, James Michael Maher, wrote about it:

I wanted a piece that would embody the idea of the Sacred Heart and convey the essence of the mission to bring Christ’s love and compassion to all. I think it has a lot to do with seeing the parent/child relationship from both sides, and relating that to being a child of God.

While working on the piece, I had a space in a local museum where visitors could come by and watch. One day a woman came in, walked up to me and with tears in her eyes said, "cor ad cor loquitor." Heart speaks to heart.  I knew then that that should be the title of the work.

And so we pray this First Friday:

Winter stone and silence
Yet … speaking
One to one, to me
I pray:

Let me carry this Love,
Let It emerge this Advent
One to another,
Heart to heart
Into the courtyard of my life

Into the courtyard of your life
And outward cor ad cor
Throughout the world -
Wide day

Our hearts glowing with
One only Love

Cor ad cor
Word incarnate,
Come, and do not delay.
Heart, my Hearrt.