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First Friday Reflection for December 2015

First Friday Reflection for December 2015

This image brings to mind the understanding of the ONENESS of the heart of Christ in the world today. I see two hearts, intimately joined. Through these two hearts, which I envision beating as one, I see the river of light and life running and pouring forth. This outpouring of love is learned from Christ by all those who seek to know Christ and are loved by Christ.

Life brings with it both light and darkness as illustrated in this piece of art. The movement, shape and flow are affected by the events of every day.

Today, we are ever reminded that we are one world, affected by international events both tragic and joy filled. We are shocked when we hear of deaths of people around our globe either through catastrophic natural disasters or senseless violence. Our world, which once seemed so large, is becoming smaller each day. In the face of these events, we are called to pray – for the victims, for their families and for the courage to keep loving with the confidence that our love, learned from Christ, does make a difference.

I am drawn into the river of light flowing through the two hearts joined in oneness, beating as one heart. It speaks to me of what happens when we are discerning an important decision and a new insight or light is brought to our question. In order to experience this light of Christ, or union with the Heart of Jesus, we are called to listen in the stillness, wait in the darkness, and come with our own hearts ready and open to dialogue.

During this time of Advent, this is a moment when we can deepen our desire to pray and discern. As nature settles into a stillness and time of restoration, take time for yourself with God.

Reflection by Anne-Marie Conn, RSCJ
Image by Mother Placid Dempsey, OSB