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First Friday Reflection for July 2015

This image of the Sacred Heart, as traditional as any image could be, held a place of honor in my husband’s family home on the living room fireplace mantel. It was there before he was born and it remains there today. Each evening, his parents would gather the family around it for the family rosary. When I first saw it, in the ‘70s, I was fascinated by the warmth and peace that seemed to radiate from the image – a human with a heart, yet divine.

I had no idea that I would one day take a position at a School of the Sacred Heart. When that happened, I was exposed to many different artistic versions of the Sacred Heart. That exposure reawakened a loving remembrance of this particular image, an image that watched over a family with love, warmth and peace. Even now it remains on the mantel in the family home. When glancing upon it I take great comfort in its warmth and humanity. I now appreciate how that image has watched over and participated in the major events in a family’s life – new parents bringing home their babies, opening Christmas gifts, graduation parties, introducing future spouses, and parents making their final journey from their home – all under the watchful warmth and humanity of the Sacred Heart.

What a beautiful image of the divine and the human – nothing abstract, nothing needing interpretation – just pure love radiating from the heart of the divine as He participates in the daily lives of those He cherishes.

Reflection by: Susan and Robert Raffo.

Susan is CFO at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton and serves as Chair on the Oakwood Advisory Board. Both Susan and Robert are friends of the Oakwood Community.