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First Friday Reflection for March 2015

Society logoSince I met the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I have found in our logo the meaning of our spirituality: an open heart, the consequence of a “crazy” way of loving so much and so freely, each person in the world. This is Jesus´ Heart and those of us who have heard his invitation to follow him, want to learn how to love this way.

When I was asked to design a logo for Mexico´s Province, the only thing I could do was look again and again at the logo created by Sister Oonah Ryan of the United States – Canada Province. It had the dynamics I wanted to transmit, but I was missing the double movement of discovering and manifesting that love, of going into the well that is Jesus´ heart and coming out of it transformed. I think of the Samaritan woman who ran and invited others to come to Jesus, awakening in them the possibility that He could be the Christ. That is why in my design a well flows from the heart´s center and becomes a river of living water in all who receive it.

This logo suggests the path Lent invites us to walk in community, accompanied by those who believe as well as those who want to meet Jesus. To go in silence to the bottom of our heart and find it inhabited by a Presence that sends us to the world to offer the gift received.

Image and reflection by Ana Morales Pruneda, rscj