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First Friday Reflection, November 2013

We are always being called further and deeper in our understanding of Sacred Heart spirituality, a spirituality which is not fixed or static but dynamic and growing.

Our relationship with Jesus begins as does any other relationship. Something attracts us. We are drawn by His person; drawn by His heart into a cosmic embrace. We want to know more and then we find ourselves desiring to move into deeper commitment to Him. It is a journey where we have to do a lot of changing and growing because Jesus comes to us in many and various ways and calls us further to discover His Heart wholly given to the Father and to all people. When we look at his creativity within our own spiritual experience we find that he is cosmic yet close, all-encompassing, yet intimate, near, speaking his preferences into our hearts. Jesus’ gift to us is the grace of His love. Our gift to Him is our faithful attempt to give Him our deepest selves.

Throughout our lives we are given the opportunity to nourish a special quality of heart, a special quality of presence. We respond with gratitude for the rich relationships entrusted to us - by developing the gifts we have been given, by pursuing God’s dream for God’s people, by nourishing our faith as a source of meaning and inspiration and by bringing hope to a world so in need of healing and hope.

One of the beautiful aspects of our Sacred Heart spirituality is that there is always mutuality of giving and receiving but in the end we know we receive much more than we ever give.

By Donna Dolan, RSCJ (November, 2013)