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First Friday Reflection for October 2015

  • Love Ripples by Mary Stewart, RSCJ

If you look closely at this image, Love Ripples, by Mary Stewart, RSCJ, you will see me resting in God’s heart – just there on the right of the center of this Heart – in the darkest, quietest corner. I am not alone. Someone is resting there with me. Is it you?

This summer, a friend shared with me the notion of “leaning in to God.” I’m not sure I lean in, but I know that I rest in God’s heart. I can’t get through my day very well if I don’t. God is continually inviting each of us to rest in God’s own heart. You might ask why. The answer is simple -- love. We move very quickly in our lives with so many goals, dreams, ideas and to-do lists. We need to pause and draw our energy from the One Heart that is the ultimate source of energy and love.

When we develop a practice of resting in God’s heart, spending twenty minutes there at least once a day, our work will be more intentional and focused. God will come with us into our work because as we rest more and more within God’s heart, we become more at one with our God. There develops a connection so deep that the resting in and the going out become a single movement with the source of our peace, our desires, our end.

So look again at this image when you have twenty minutes of quiet and solitude. Just allow yourself to rest with God and breathe in love, strength and renewal. The fruits of your practice will be love ripples.

Reflection by Lori Wilson, Director of Campus Ministry, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich
Love Ripples by Mary Stewart, RSCJ