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First Friday Reflection for October 2016

Christ Pantocrator, 6th century, Sinai Desert

In October nature confronts us vividly and beckons us to see.   In Sacred Heart settings around the world, Mater beckons us to reflect with an inner eye. We are reminded of the world we may not see, the world entrusted to Mater and to us. We see only a little of the world’s sufferings: hopelessness, illness, poverty, violence, and more; only a little of its joys: triumphs of spirit, contemplative possibilities, heroic love, and more.   We only glimpse now and then that invisible world of which Mater reminds us: the Invisible Presence, the Invisible Life, the Invisible Action, the Invisible Love--these realities of faith which are for us eternal values.

This image of Christ reminds us of God’s way of seeing—fully aware of both the human and the divine dimensions of our reality. This 6th century icon from the Sinai desert encourages us to see the values of God’s Heart, the Gospel values he calls us to live, with one steady eye on this world, as well as a God’s-eye view of what truly matters. This Christ, fully God and fully human, is omnipotent and present, active and alive, infinitely loving, sustaining all. We are all invited to see the world more and more as Jesus sees it, and so to discover and reveal His love. Where are our blind spots? Lord, that we may see and believe.

Reflection by Sally Rude, RSCJ

Icon:  Christ Pantocrator, 6th century, Sinai Desert