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The Journey continues

Gratitude fills our hearts as
our journey
in Christ, with Christ and through Christ

We have just spent a year and a half celebrating the 200th anniversary of many aspects of
the Society of the Sacred Heart’s emergence into that which is new:
new worlds,
new languages,
new lands.

We celebrated
Philippine Duchesne
who had the courage
to be open:

open enough
to let go of her home,
her family,
her attachments;

open enough
to cross an ocean,
to enter the new,
to embrace the unknown;

open enough
to admit faults and failings,
to know her shortcomings,
to see her lacks;

open enough
to be before God,
to be with God,
to give herself over to God,
in prayer,
in life’s circumstances,
in all that is.

Now we shift
into the advent of another new moment;
we move into a new liturgical year.

During the seasons of Advent and Christmas,
you will receive a weekly reflection.

As we enter into 2019,
you will receive
a monthly First Friday reflection during Ordinary Time and
Feast Day reflections as we celebrate them.

Through our prayer together
may we grow in letting go of our attachments,
may we grow in moving forward in our journey,
may we grow in admitting our shortcomings and failures,
and may we grow in being open enough to trust God in all things.

In Christ, with Christ, and through Christ,
let us unite ourselves to each other and to our world
as our journey continues!


Image: Lin Miao-chen