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Kim King, RSCJ, Poet and Librarian

Kim King, RSCJ

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Kimberly M. King's poetry has frequently appeared on this site and in Heart magazine. She has been published in several magazines and newspapers and she keeps a regular blog. In addition to her ministry as an educator in four Sacred Heart Schools in the USC province, Sr. King has done formal and informal translation work for the Society and participated in a variety of international service opportunities during summers. Sister King entered the Society in 1998, made first vows in 2001 and made her final profession in Rome in January 2011. 

A born logophile, one of Sister King's poems follows:

Lullaby, hullabaloo,
fandango, frisbee, and kazoo!
Addis Ababa, Walla Walla,
hoedown, flapjacks, hoot and holler.

One if by land, thar she blows!
Jumpin’ jimminey, Geronimo!
Heads-up, stiff upper lip,
if they’re loose, they sink the ship.

Holy moley, holy cow,
Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?
Testy, touchy, cross, and cranky…
wallow, snivel, pass the hanky.

Gherkins, salami, proscuitto, gnocchi,
Pontchetrain, Atchafalaya, Okefenokee.

Zesty, zippy, energized
iris, vermillion, sunset skies.

Joy, bliss, revelry…
to set words free, our destiny.

Shiver, challenge, rhythm, beat,
feel the vibe, script your feet.

Pen, page, word, proclaim…
living, creative, never the same.

Let it loose, go with the heart.
Taste them, touch them, words are art

that swoops and startles

that gleams and laughs

with ripples deep as glory

with trailing scarves,

diaphanous and suggesting.

The well-trained tongue gives shape
to the stories of
the image and likeness
of God.

It lifts words from the page
where they are

with delight,

to become.


Kimberly M. King rscj