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Duchesne House recognized with proclamation

Volunteers at Duchesne House don't expect to be recognized publicly for their work, but it sure is fun when they are! In late July, Duchesne House staff were delighted to welcome students from several Network of Sacred Heart Schools for Rebuild NOLA 2015. Students came from Duchesne Academy, Omaha; Convent of Sacred Heart, 91st Street in New York; Newton Country Day School, Newton, Massachusetts; Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bethesda, Maryland; Academy of Sacred Heart, New Orleans and four faculty from the Rosary, Newton, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Miami and Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco. The group worked to rebuild a house with the St. Bernard Project. The owner of the home was so grateful and pleased that he asked the City Council to award a proclamation to each school, to Duchesne House and to the French volunteer working with our students. It was the owner's way to thank each one for the service to the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Rebuild NOLA was designed as a Summer Service Project in support of several of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools. The St. Bernard Project is a non-profit organization still working to rebuld homes in New Orleans that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina.