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A Note of Thanks to our Sacred Heart Family

Thérèse Tshibuabua, an alumna of the Pensionnat du Sacré-Coeur de Mbanza-Mboma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, recently offered thanks to the Sacred Heart family for the prayers and financial support offered in the wake of the fire at the school.

I have the privilege and the honor, as an alumna of the Pensionnat du Sacré-Coeur de Mbanza-Mboma, to thank the entire family of the Sacred Heart for the demonstration of solidarity and generosity in response to the fire that devastated the Mbanza-Mboma school a couple of months ago. While growing up at the Pensionnat, we felt safe, secure, and protected. But on Sunday, 9 February 2014, the religious and the 240 boarders looked powerlessly on as the six dormitories went up in flames. We alumnae have been devastated from the moment we heard the news and saw the photographs. We have been deeply affected by this accident. But, we have been encouraged and touched by and feel thankful for the outpouring of goodwill.

Ms. Tshibuabua went on to thank our province, and the schools and alumnae/i in the United States - Canada Province, as well as the international schools of the Sacred Heart and alumnae/i around the world.

We have been profoundly touched by expressions of solidarity and friendship shown by the International Network of Schools of Sacred Heart through which schools around the world came to hear of the sad news. We are particularly moved by the UBUNTU,  (which “…embraces…caring about others, being able to go the extra mile for the sake of others” as defined by Desmond Tutu), demonstrated by and grateful to the (schools) for their many students’ initiatives and  generous contributions for  Mbanza-Mboma rebuilding. 

The photos above give an indication of just how much rebuilding remains to be done. Thanks to the generous support of friends in our countries, we are optimistic that the dormitories will be rebuilt.