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Sacred Heart Internship Program

Westchester County, NY
May 16 to June 27, 2015

SHIP is a 6-week social justice internship program sponsored by the Stuart Center for Mission, Educational Leadership & Technology. Interns are young adults (18 years or older) with a strong interest in:

  • working for justice through a paraprofessional experience with a nonprofit organization in Westchester County, NY;
  • living in a community setting with other SHIP interns;
  • engaging in critical social analysis through presenters and mentors;
  • exploring possible career or life paths through reflection on the experience; and
  • getting to know the resources, challenges and cultural richness of NY and the metropolitan area.

Please click here to learn more about the program and its requirements before completing the application below.

For more information contact:

Imma De Stefanis, Ph.D., RSCJ
Director, Educational Leadership