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Sister Kinue Matsuzaki

Born in Nagasaki, Japan, Kinue Matsuzaki, RSCJ, known as Sister Matsu, joined the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1947 in Tokyo and devoted her energies to education. She came to the United States for the first time in 1962, where she baked up to eighty pies a day at Kenwood (!) – and also began to study art.

prayers for Judy

<p>Please pray for Judy, a wonderful person, friend of my sister, who has been diagnosed with lymph cancer. It is inoperable so she has to have 18 months of chemo, with rest periods in between. It has not spread, so hopefully the chemo will do the trick...Thanks for your prayers</p>

Thank you!

To ALL of the Religious of the Sacred Heart who shared my childhood, I want to thank each and everyone. I acquired SO much more than a wonderful academic education- I learned compassion, patience and caring for all people. Thank you for imparting to me that everyone is special and deserves to be treated with dignity! Of course, the biggest thing is that I learned to value my Catholic gift of faith! ASH Grand Coteau was more than a school, more than a fine education, it WAS my home, and will continue to be my home in my heart.

Thank you

Your prayer request has been received.

Breathing the Same Air: Associates and RSCJ

Oh, what an amazing journey I have had on the path to become an Associate of the Sacred Heart! My memories of Religious of the Sacred Heart are like pearls on a string … the warm welcome I always receive in whatever RSCJ community I am visiting, the gift of being part of Maureen Little’s journey to final vows, learning to pray with Shirley Miller, Anne Sturges and Jane McKinlay, the fun with Lil Conaghan, the wisdom of Mary Ann Foy. My sisters breathing the same air!

Story of God's Love

Remember that whatever happens ... you must say, according to circumstances, joyfully and thankfully or humbly and submissively or bravely or, if need be, defiantly to the troubles within, "This is part of the story and the story is of God's love for you and yours for HIm."