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Border Witness Experience

Sisters Considine, De Stefanis, Gonzalez and Buenfil (from the Mexican Province)

From Saturday April 27 through Friday, May 1, 2015, several Religious of the Sacred Heart, associates and friends made a meaningful, educational trip to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. They were participating in the Border Witness Experience, led by Ramona Casas and Eva Soto of ARISE, a resource center serving the immigrant population in Alamo, Texas.




We are sent by the Church
to communicate the love of the Heart of Jesus.
In Him all find their true growth as persons
and the way towards reconciliation with one another.
This we believe; this we want to proclaim.


In Solidarity with Those Who Are Most Vulnerable

Journeying with people of different religions, races, and cultures, and listening profoundly to the joys and suffering of humanity, have allowed us to be touched by the poverty, inequality, exclusion, violence, and environmental destruction that are present in today’s world. We suffer the pain of our peoples. From our contemplation of the Pierced Heart of Jesus in the heart of wounded humanity flows the desire to commit ourselves with greater passion and compassion to justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

RSCJ Participate in People's Climate Marches

Over 311,000 people gathered in New York City on September 21st to express their worry about the future of this planet that is our only home. For some it was the prospect of rising temperatures caused by carbon emissions that had them marching and carrying signs. For others it was the callous pollution of ground water by fracking operations. For others, it was the injustice suffered by the poorest and most vulnerable peoples on earth who are always the first to suffer from the profit seeking of corporations, nations and wealthy individuals. Tucked into the crowd, just in front of the Noah’s Ark float, were three RSCJ and several colleagues carrying a sign with the familiar Sacred Heart logo surrounded by the names of all the countries where RSCJ serve and the words “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.”