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RSCJ Profiles

Ann Caire, RSCJ

A native of Edgard, Louisiana, Ann Caire, RSCJ, was one of three sisters who entered the Society of the Sacred Heart. She entered in 1951 and made her first vows March 8, 1954. Her final profession was in Rome, February 8, 1960.

Margaret Caire, RSCJ

Sister Margaret Mary Caire was born in Edgard, Louisiana. Along with her many sisters, she attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, graduating in 1950. She entered the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1951, along with her older sister Ann. They made first vows together March 8, 1954 and their final profession February 8, 1960.

Lucie Nordmann, RSCJ

Lucie Mary Nordmann is St. Louis native who entered the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1961, shortly after her graduation from the Academy of the Sacred Heart (City House) in St. Louis. She made her first vows February 17, 1964 and her final profession January 25, 1970.

Lucy Hayes, RSCJ

Born on July 21, 1929 in Denison, Iowa, Lucille Hayes (Lucy) entered the Society of the Sacred Heart on July 6, 1951. She made her first vows on January 10, 1954 and her final profession on July 21, 1960.

Kathleen Dolan, RSCJ

The eldest of five and the only girl, Kathleen Dolan (Kathy) was born in Washington D.C.  Growing up in Darien, Connecticut she lived near the Sacred Heart School in Noroton. She attended public schools until high school, when she attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich, Connecticut as a five-day boarder. It was during her sophomore year that she first had a quiet conviction that God was leading her to become a religious. She graduated in 1956.

Patricia Desmond, RSCJ

Early in her education, a priest came to talk to her class about the propagation of faith. He told the class about the children who were being abandoned in China. At this point, Sister Desmond told herself that she was going to help those children. In order to do so, she knew she would have to become a nun. She considers this to be the start of her vocation.

Judith Brown, RSCJ

“[Sister Brown] is a deeply compassionate, intelligent, and spiritual woman who is also competent, thorough, and creative… Along with her intensity, she has a wonderful capacity to laugh at herself. Her sense of humor is often self-healing and infectious… [Sister Brown] has a natural, intuitive gift for pastoral care ministry and her sincere and warm concern comes across loud and clear.”

Mary Lyman, RSCJ

“To be God’s Mercy, strength, compassion, generosity, understanding, God’s unconditional love—to be all that, is our call… God loves us with a human heart, a wounded heart. Doesn’t each one of us have a heart that has been wounded in some way? He invites us to become like him and to share his mission.”