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Out of My Blind Spot - A Poem for Lent

It rides around
not quite a shadow
but haunting me
like the unfinished business
of a half-finished plot

 It sits just behind my right shoulder blade
lodged between my ego
and my conscience
beckoning darkness
that keeps me from the light

 Sometimes it's a person
that I couldn't see
because I was blinded
by what I wanted to see
was it generosity or a fool's charade
was it you I was seeing
or my own desire to remake you?
the clouds move away and
I am willing to see

 Sometimes it's a situation
that I expect will get better
until I remember the brilliance of
the author of the law of relativity:
"Insanity is doing the same thing
over again and expecting different results."
The dawn comes and I
can see it for what it is

 Sometimes it's expectations
that I mistake for definitions
until I remember the white slip
inside the stale fortune cookie,
"You will be much happier
if you lower your expectations"
The fog lifts and I can see how the "tions"
are the blind spot
perfection, competition, expectation.
The light has humble
tender truth

I forgot again
It's about love
It's about compassion
It's about forgiveness
It's about acceptance
It's about being real
It's about not hating what
lives in my blind spot

 It's about letting Lent
give the red car a chance to race ahead of me
and noticing whose in the car
and where it's going...
It's about humility
And remembering that Jesus
had a blind spot too

 It's about remembering
that love
is an inside job.

 Learn to love what's in the blind spot

~ Bridget Bearss, RSCJ


Photo By Nicholas A. Tonelli from Pennsylvania, USA (Tunnel Vision) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons