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Pray a grace before and after meals

  • Pray a grace before and after meals

During the month of November, the month of remembrance and thanksgiving, we invite you to pray a grace before and after meals (as the Pope suggests in Laudat Si’).

A special element of the grace before meals is an opportunity each day to name a family member or friend, perhaps even a person in the news who has died, and to share what it is about that person that stays with us. Together we can remember and celebrate those who have died, give thanks for how they have touched our lives, and ask God’s blessings on our world, so in need of healing and hope.


Grace before meals during November

Bountiful God,
bless this earth, this food, and all who labored to bring it to us.
Bless and feed the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless.
Bless each one of us, gathered together to share this meal.
During this month we remember those who have died.
Today we ask your special blessing for  _______who _______
and for all who knew and loved  _________.
Give us compassion for those who mourn
and teach us how to live
in the hope of our own resurrection.
O Bountiful God, as we recognize our blessings
we lift our voices in praise of you; our hands in service;
our minds in hope; and our hearts in love,
now and forever. Amen.

Grace after meals during November

Generous God,
we thank you for the meal we shared, and for all the gifts of mother earth.
Please give us strength for our tasks, especially strength for helping those in need.
Thank you for our community, family and friends,
and for all those we love who have gone before us
and are joined to the communion of the saints in your presence.
Lift us from this world’s sadness and grief to see your merciful beauty.
Show us how to rejoice in our dependence on each other
and on your eternal goodness
that we may remain forever united, in loving gratitude, in Your Heart.