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Sister Bea Brennan kindly responded to our request to reflect on her prayer life. She wrote, "At the heart of our Judeo-Christian heritage is the belief that every human being is uniquely known and loved by God. No two of us commune with God in exactly the same way, even when we pray together. What follows is just a sketch of what prayer is like for me." This article appears in the current issue of Heart.


Submitted by Sheila Gray on

I'm smiling as I write this "message in a bottle" to an old and favorite teacher from the late 60's. Your essay on prayer touched me on so many different levels. Mainly, it touched my soul, and I want you to know that every day I see and experience Hopkins' "shook foil."
Reading your words was like hearing you speak 44 years ago; I recognized them, because this is how you spoke of God and prayer and the cosmos, and love, of course, so many years ago. Thank you, and your sisters there I know, for all your wisdom, kindness, sacrifice, patience and encouragement so freely given. I appreciate it with all my heart. None of it was for naught...

Submitted by tmeyerhoff on

Thank you, Sheila. I will pass your message on to Sister Brennan.

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