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Prayer for Women Religious

By Anne Montgomery, RSCJ (RIP)

In this Kairos time of crisis and challenge, may we, like Mary of Nazareth, be open to the Spirit who calls us to new ways of incarnating the Word of truth and love.

In the face of harsh judgment even by those closest, may we, too, ponder deep in our
hearts a response inspired by the nonviolent Christ who went beyond
traditional teachings to grow to maturity in wisdom and grace.

May we invite the servants in the house of our Church to respond in
trust to the faith that turns water into new wine, bursting the old
skins of paternalism and outgrown legalistic structures,

May we, in the bold meekness of the Syrophoenecian woman, challenge
our Church to an inclusivity that dissolves fear to enrich and fill up
the Body of Christ.

May we, by nonviolent and creative actions that speak louder than
words, pour out whatever gifts we have, remembering the promise to the
woman at Bethany:  "Wherever the gospel is preached throughout the
world, what she has done will be told in memory of her."(Mk. 14:9)

May we have the courage to leave our securities and publicly follow
the way of the cross to stand by the One who rejected the sword,
healed the enemy, and challenged the perversion of truth by fidelity
to it.

May we stand firm, even when darkness and chaos seem to fill our
threatened earth, and express hope in the hidden energy of creative
hope and love.

May we carry the message to the fearful disciples of the resurrection
of a new humanity, birthed by the Spirit in the heart of a creation
that groans " in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time."  (Rom. 8:22)