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Reflections for Advent 2015

  • Reflection for Fourth Sunday of Advent
  • Reflection for Third Sunday of Advent
  • Reflection for Second Sunday of Advent
  • Reflection for First Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent
See the Holy in the Other, Encounter

“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”
~ Luke 1:45

“Thus we learn to contemplate reality and to experience it with His heart, to commit ourselves to the service of the Kingdom and to grow in love.”
~ 1982 Constitutions, #21

“Jesus is still calling us to be ‘Women of the Heart,’ giving us the possibility of listening once more to God’s dream for humanity.”
     ~ Life Unfolding, p. 17


Third Sunday of Advent
Rejoice! Generosity, Discipleship

“Rejoice in the Lord always.”
     ~ Philippians 4:4

“The Gospel, radiant with the glory of Christ’s cross, constantly invites us to rejoice….”
     ~ Evangelii Gaudium, Intro, Part I, #5, and following paragraph

“All of us are asked to obey [God’s] call to go forth from our own comfort zone in order to reach all the ‘peripheries’ in need of the light of the Gospel.” 
     ~ Evangelii Gaudium, Ch. I, #20

“God, who calls us to generous commitment and to give him our all, offers us the light and the strength needed to continue on our way. In the heart of this world, the Lord of life, who loves  us so much, is always present. His love constantly impels us to find new ways forward.  Praise be to him!” 
     ~ Laudato Si', Part IX, #245


Second Sunday of Advent
Prepare the way of the Lord

“Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight his paths.”  
     ~ Luke 3:4

“Discern what is of value.”
     ~ Philippians 1:9

“…Return to that simplicity which allows us to stop and appreciate the small things, to be grateful for the opportunities which life affords us, to be spiritually detached from what we possess, and not succumb to sadness for what we lack.”  
     ~ Laudato Si', Part IV, #222


First Sunday of Advent
Attentiveness, “Awake from inside”

“Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy.”
    ~ Luke 21:34

“Learning from Mary, who pondered all things in her heart, we try to develop awareness and a contemplative outlook that will help us to be thankful for the diversity, depth and beauty of the world and to feel the divine mystery within it.”  
    ~ Life Unfolding, p. 20


During the Advent season, we invite you to use these reflections from Scripture and the documents of the Society of the Sacred Heart and Pope Francis to enter into the Advent mysteries and the Incarnation of God in the world.  During this sacred season, may we all choose the paths that lead to peace.

The Provincial Team
United States-Canada Province
Society of the Sacred Heart

Text: Sally Rude, RSCJ and Uche Oluoha, RSCJ
Photos: Linda Behrens