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We are four communities with a fifth community that is comprised of those living at a distance, totaling 25 RSCJ.  Our members include: 

  • Four who teach at Boston College: Sisters Jean Bartunek, Hilda Carey, Gail O’Donnell and Barbara Quinn.
  • Five psychologists: Sisters Mariann Burke, Mary-Jane Ferrier, Nancy Kehoe (who also teaches at Harvard), Marianne Ruggeri and Mary Wolff-Salin.
  • Several in spiritual direction and retreat work, including: Sisters Mary Lyman, Justine Lyons, Gail O’Donnell and Jane O’Shaughnessy.
  • Margherita Cappelli, RSCJ, teaches English to speakers of other languages.
  • Frances de la Chapelle, RSCJ, who serves the province by assisting Religious in ministry transition.
  • Anne Dyer, RSCJ, an administrator and head of the lower school at Nantucket New School.
  • Ann Jablonski, RSCJ, is in transition.
  • Ann Johnston, RSCJ, teaches at the Theological Seminary in Maine.
  • Margaret Kilduff, RSCJ, does volunteer work with the elderly.
  • Eleanor MacLellan, RSCJ, involved in environmental work and education.
  • Maureen O’Halloran, RSCJ, is a lawyer, currently serving in provincial ministry.
  • Susan Regan, RSCJ, a psychologist who specializes in early intervention with infants.
  • Patricia Reid, RSCJ, paints icons and offers educational program on iconography.
  • Barbara Rogers, RSCJ, Head of Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart.
  • Oonah, Ryan, RSCJ, director of a cottage industry for families at risk in Maine.

As an area we celebrate well together; we have a monthly Mass together followed by supper and usually meet monthly as an area and use that time for some more in-depth connection. Boston is blessed by having many visitors.

Sister Jean Bartunek creates collaborative research culture

Sister Jean Bartunek, an expert on organizational change, has taught at Boston College for more than thirty years. An academic to her toes, she is interested in research of all kinds. In an effort to keep the faculty of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College abreast of what their colleagues are doing, she created a series of talks. Now called the Bartunek Faculty Research Forum, this three-times-a-year event launched in 2010.

Protecting South Portland: Our Little Corner of Creation

By Mary-Jane Ferrier, RSCJ

The Society of the Sacred Heart expresses its mission as “making known the love of God revealed in the heart of Jesus Christ.” In recent years that mission is also expressed through the lens of our commitment to pursue “justice, peace and the integrity of creation.” If only we could put this notion into what we call a “portmanteau word,” one that would emphasize the unity of these three notions all in one word, for that would speak to the unity of purpose our commitment leads us to.

Mary Lyman, RSCJ

“To be God’s Mercy, strength, compassion, generosity, understanding, God’s unconditional love—to be all that, is our call… God loves us with a human heart, a wounded heart. Doesn’t each one of us have a heart that has been wounded in some way? He invites us to become like him and to share his mission.”