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The Miami community of the Society of the Sacred Heart is diverse in ministry and gifts, but each shares the desire to make known God's love, especially to those with whom they work and call co-workers and collaborators. Their shared aim is to serve with the hearts of educators.  

Members of the area minister at Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Coconut Grove Cares/Barnyard; one chairs the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG) for Sacred Heart Schools in the United States; one is recently retired from St. Thomas University but stays active in several groups and writes a daily blog; one cares for her elderly mother while also working with Hospice families; others volunteer with public school programs and other social services. 

  • Rosemary Bearss, RSCJ, is the financial director of The Barnyard. This community center is located in an underserved, disadvantaged community in Coconut Grove. It serves 115 children from low-income families in an after- school program and summer camp. The center helps the children with their homework and provide computer classes, film making, dancing, drumming, and many other activities. 
  • Georgiana Logan, RSCJ, has served as a bereavement counselor with hospice, offering counseling and support to help family members of hospice patients transition through grief to reinvest in life. She also helps care for her 94-year- old mother and her 87 year-old aunt.
  • At Our Lady of the Lakes church, Patricia Munch, RSCJ, ministers to the sick, elderly and dying members of the parish and their families. She also facilitates the training of parish members who volunteer for this important ministry. Lastly, she sings in the parish choir.
  • Margaret Seitz, RSCJ, ministers at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. She assists the Head of School with curriculum development, the professional development of the faculty and staff. Sister Seitz also serves on the board of trustees at the Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.
  • Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, is the headmistress of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, founded in Miami in 1961. She also serves on the board of trustees of Morning Star Retreat House, the parish council of St. Hugh and is the former chair of the board at Coconut Grove Cares.  
  • Sister Suzanne Lasseigne’s ministry is with children. She spends half her time in the public schools tutoring/mentoring high schoolers who have indicated a desire to attend college. Many of them are immigrants to the United States or first-generation residents of Miami. Many would also be the first in their families to attend college. The other half of Sister Lasseigne’s time is at the Barnyard tutoring third graders and doing gardening with them. She is a Guardian Ad Litem, a court advocate for children in dependency court.
  • Helen Rosenthal, RSCJ, came to Miami in 1986 with a Ph.D. in historical theology and began teaching post-master courses and established a Center for Spirituality at St. Thomas University. Having retired after 25 years, she continues to attend a weekly faculty faith-sharing group and stays active in several other groups.
  • Ann Taylor, RSCJ, heads the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals the purpose of which is to design and implement an evaluative process whereby Sacred Heart Schools hold themselves accountable for living the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Sister Taylor also is the special projects director at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. 
  • Ana Soto, RSCJ, retired, does contemplative outreach. She is the embodiment of St. Madeleine Sophie’s words, "Your example, even more than your words will be an eloquent lesson to the world."

Rosemary Bearss, RSCJ

Born in Portland, Oregon, Rosemary Bearss, RSCJ, entered the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1951. She made her first vows May 5, 1954 and her final profession July 21, 1960. Her time in the Society has been divided between the classroom and provincial administration. From 1994 to 2014, she served at Coconut Grove Cares, a community center in a low-income part of Miami. She recently moved to Atherton, California, where she works in pastoral ministry with our retired sisters at Oakwood.