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St. Louis/St. Charles

The St. Louis/St. Charles Area is home to the provincial house, the administrative offices of the United States-Canada Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart. There are nearly 30 Religious living in six communities. Ministries include provincial service, service in the Academy of the Sacred Heart and Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill, two Network Schools, research and publishing, formation to mission, social justice work, Archive work, spiritual care of the elderly.

  • Sisters Barbara Dawson, Meg Causey, Sheila Hammond and Diana Wall serve as the leadership team for the U.S. Province.
  • Elaine Abels, RSCJ, is spiritual care director at the Sarah Community, a senior community.
  • Mary Loretta Busch, RSCJ, retired from teaching at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles.
  • Constance Dryden, RSCJ, ministers with senior adults as an in-home caregiver.
  • Jan Dunn, RSCJ, is the interim executive director for the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.
  • Emma Fernandez, RSCJ, is in service at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles, in particular as sacristan in the Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne.
  • Mary Louise Gavan, RSCJ, serves in the Archives of the U.S. Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
  • Nancy Ghio, RSCJ, works in the middle school office at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School.
  • Formerly the archivist for the U.S. Province, Frances Gimber, RSCJ, is a writer and editor.
  • Maureen Glavin serves as head of school for the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles.
  • Carol Haggarty, RSCJ, serves in provincial ministry.
  • Irene Herbst, RSCJ, is a religion teacher at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School.
  • Former Provincial Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ, serves in formation to mission for the province and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.
  • Kimberly King, RSCJ, serves as librarian at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles. She is also a published poet.
  • Susan Maxwell, RSCJ, was a member of the previous provincial leadership team. She has extensive Network of Sacred Heart Schools experience and is currently researching the history of the Network.
  • Shirley Miller, RSCJ, is the director of the office of mission advancement for the U.S. Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart, recently concluding the In Mission for Life campaign for ministry and elder care.
  • Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ, is the newest member of the United States Province. She teaches at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis.
  • Margaret Mary Munch, RSCJ, is an educator at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, as well as a docent at the St. Ferdinand’s Shrine in Florissant,
  • Pamela Neels, RSCJ, is a psychotherapist at an interfaith nonprofit.
  • Pricillian Nyirampamira, RSCJ, is a full-time student.
  • Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, is the archivist for the U.S. Province. She is also an author and frequent tour leader.
  • Mary Pat Rives, RSCJ, is the school nurse at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill, a Network school.
  • Maria Schlömer, RSCJ, is in transition.
  • Regina Shin, RSCJ, provides administrative support for the United States-Canada Province.
  • Sally Stephens, RSCJ, is the director of the Oak Hill School library.

Billboard Campaign Shows St. Louis Sisters’ Faith in St. Louis

We have faith in you, St. Louis. St. Louis Catholic Sisters

St. Louis Catholic Sisters are launching a media campaign across metropolitan St. Louis featuring billboards with the message “We Have Faith in You, St. Louis.” The campaign, which coincides with National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, 2016, is aimed at instilling pride in the community and a desire to work for its betterment.

The Sisters, who for generations have taught and shaped the character of so many St. Louisans, know that St. Louis area residents are up to the task of being more loving, less violent and better neighbors.

Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, Provincial Archivist

2015 Jubilarian, Celebrating 50 Years as a Religious of the Sacred Heart

St. Louis native Carolyn (Lyn) Osiek, RSCJ, is the Archivist for the Society of the Sacred Heart, United States - Canada Province. She enjoys the collaborative nature of this role, as she is “able to assist many people in the Society, the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, and the circle of our collaborators and friends who daily live the same message of love.”

Kim King, RSCJ, Poet and Librarian

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Kimberly M. King's poetry has frequently appeared on this site and in Heart magazine. She has been published in several magazines and newspapers and she keeps a regular blog. In addition to her ministry as an educator in four Sacred Heart Schools in the USC province, Sr. King has done formal and informal translation work for the Society and participated in a variety of international service opportunities during summers.

Connie Dryden, RSCJ, Former missionary brings service home

By Jennifer Brinker, St. Louis Review

For more than three decades, Sister Connie Dryden was a teacher in Kenya and Uganda. In many ways, it was a different way of life from her American upbringing. Besides living simply, she was working with a younger community. More than half of the population was under 15 years old, she said - a society affected by lack of resources, disease and the casualties of war.

Maureen Glavin, RSCJ, Head of School, Academy of the Sacred Heart

Maureen Glavin, RSCJ, is in her tenth year as Head of School at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, the oldest and one of the largest private independent elementary schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The Academy was founded in 1818, when St. Rose Philippine Duchesne opened the doors of the log cabin school which was situated on the current Academy property.

Fran Gimber, RSCJ, Translator and Historian

Originally from California, Frances Gimber, RSCJ, first met the Society of the Sacred Heart as a student at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, in Menlo, California (now called Atherton). After graduating from Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, she entered the Society in 1955. She made her first vows in 1958 and her final profession in 1964. She celebrated the 50th anniversary of her final profession in February.

Carol Haggarty, RSCJ, Celebrates 50th Jubilee

Chicago native Carol Haggarty, RSCJ, is a true Child of the Sacred Heart. Her grandmother went to a Sacred Heart school in France. Her mother was a graduate of the Sacred Heart Academy on Pine Grove, in Chicago, the predecessor to the Convent of the Sacred Heart on Sheridan Road. Carol and her two sisters went to Sheridan Road, her two great-nieces are there now. It was the example of the religious at Sheridan Road – their kindness to the students and love for each other – that drew Carol to consider religious life.

Mary Pat White, RSCJ, Vocation Minister

Mary Patricia White grew up surrounded by Religious of the Sacred Heart. The St. Charles native attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart from her earliest days, and her family had strong connections to the Society of the Sacred Heart going back generations. Growing up, she “kept watching them” she says, touched by their care for her and their loving presence. The decision to enter happened very naturally. And now, 50 years since her first profession, Sister Mary Pat White is the vocations minister for the Society of the Sacred Heart.