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Year of Prayer

Year of PrayerThis Year of Prayer celebrates the missionary journey of Philippine Duchesne and her four companions from France to the New World, thus beginning the internationality of the Society of the Sacred Heart, now in 41 countries.

Sister Barbara Dawson, our Superior General, and her Council have invited the whole family of the Sacred Heart to enter the Year of Prayer, to be and to act as one Body, and to create space and silence to listen to the heartbeat of God. What a wonderful way to celebrate Philippine Duchesne, known affectionately as “the woman who prays always.”

Every Monday from November 20, 2017, to November 19, 2018, the worldwide family of the Sacred Heart will be united together in prayer and reflection. Thanks to regional editors, Françoise Greffe, RSCJ (France), Kim King, RSCJ (Canada), Elizabeth Nakayiza, RSCJ (Uganda), and Park Jeong Mi, RSCJ (Korea), the collection of reflections represents nearly all the countries where we are located. The subjects of these reflections are as varied as the background of the writers: friendship, suffering, loss, courage, boundaries, perseverance, hope. The styles include prose, poetry and prayer, and each reflection is accompanied by an image.

Philippine kept a journal, a spiritual practice which helped her become ever more attentive to the inner stirrings of her heart. A pdf journal is provided here for those who wish – either to download or to complete online. The use of social media is also encouraged throughout the world so that insights might be shared among us across our geographic frontiers.

You are welcome to encourage others to join us in prayer. Please explore the bicentennial website for news of coming events and for numerous resources: a short Philippine biography, images, music, lesson plans, pilgrimage options, etc., to enrich your celebration of the Bicentennial Year.

Thank you for helping to make the Year of Prayer a time of grace for all of us.

Year of Prayer - December 11

Year of Prayer - December 11

Healing Love

In the spring of 1804 Sophie Barat was seriously ill, and doctors in Paris could only ease her condition, not cure it. A turning point came in July 1806, when Sophie spent some weeks in Grenoble with Philippine Duchesne. During this visit Philippine nursed Sophie back to health. However, this recovery took place only when Sophie had left Grenoble, but she was sure it was due to Philippine’s loving care.

On 1 August 1806, Sophie wrote to Philippine telling her how much their deepening friendship meant to her and how she had been healed:

Year of Prayer - December 4

Year of Prayer - December 4

What Drove Her to Prayer?

In 1841 Philippine Duchesne arrived at a new frontier - St. Mary’s Mission in Sugar Creek, Kansas. There she lived with people who today we would call internally displaced persons. The Potawatomi had not only been forcibly displaced from their traditional homeland in Indiana, but had suffered deaths, and murders of family members by American militia along the Trail of Death. These events took place between 1838-1840, just before Philippine’s arrival.

Year of Prayer - November 27

Year of Prayer - November 27

Waiting on God

Dear Philippine,

When I first met you I was impressed by your many qualities, which spoke deeply to my heart. Today I wish to reflect with you about your patient waiting, in faith and hope, to fulfil your dreams.

It began in 1792 when the monastery where you were a novice was confiscated and you had to return home. Then followed years of waiting before joining the Society, going to America, and finally, in 1841, to the Potawatomi, too old and sick to do anything but be “the woman who prays always.”