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Our Spirituality

In prayer we come to Him with everything that touches our life,
with the sufferings and hopes of humanity.
 (Constitutions, 20)

As apostolic contemplatives, Religious of the Sacred Heart root our lives in prayer. With a mission to discover and reveal the love of God, our spirituality and our mission are based in love. Our contemplative outlook is part of who we are, whether in prayer, in ministry or in our daily lives.

"The contemplative outlook on the world has been a call to be authentic apostles of Christ's love, to help bring to birth a more welcoming world, to make known a God who is great, bountiful and tender. It is a call to educate in such a way that God's plan, God's glory, may become a reality, so that all may grow as brothers and sisters in the inward freedom of the children of God, and have fullness of life." (Superior General Concepcion Camacho, RSCJ)

The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind.

On these pages, we will share prayers, poems, reflections and artwork that reflect the spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We hope you will return here periodically for resources appropriate to the liturgical season and our Sacred Heart traditions.

The Alabaster Jar

She entered the room
carrying an alabaster jar.
It was evening –
they sat around in conversation.

She approached Jesus quietly
and breaking open the jar she poured
the precious fluid over his head
and filled the air with sweetness.

"Why this waste?”
"Who is this woman?"
"Why doesn't he stop her?"

Questions crowded the room
sucking up all the air
    ... hard to breathe.

“Leave her alone! 
      She has anointed me for my burial."

Never Forget to Believe

It wasn't about green beer and parades
It was about freedom and food and a dream
It's what you do when all that you care about has to fit into a trunk
And you pretend that you'll get back someday
That you will see the hills of green and the lyric of Gaelic rhyme
But you know that you won't
And so you face your fears and let the tears flow until there aren't anymore
While you watch the homeland slip away and feel the rocking of the ship
And it's not a cruise ship...it's cold and you wonder what you were thinking

A House by the Sea

I built my house by the sea.
Not on the sands, mind you,
not on the shifting sand.
And I built it of rock.
A strong house
by a strong sea.
And we got well acquainted, the sea and I.
Good neighbours.
Not that we spoke much.
We met in silences,
respectful, keeping our distance
but looking our thoughts across the fence of sand.
Always the fence of sand our barrier,
always the sand between.

Assume Good Will

Assume Good Will

 It's Simple...Yet very hard to do...

Just for today
Assume Good Will

 It means that you choose
for just one day
to assume that good will
is the intention of each one with whom you interact

 The person who cut in front of you...
(was headed for an emergency,
not attempting to raise your insurance premium)

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Let this cross be my call
to learn from the sun
how to live
to give everything
and still let go
one more time
to bloom full,
to bow,
and offer the wind
my soft petaled spirit.

Kimberly King, RSCJ

                  c. MperiodPress

My Call Me Back

The My Call Me Back (CMB) mobile app was inspired by the desire of Religious of the Sacred Heart to make known the mission and spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart through a digital platform.