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Educational and Spiritual Ministries

  • Sacred Heart Schools Atherton, Oakwood
  • Cokie Roberts meets with Sacred Heart students
  • AMASC, international students of the Sacred Heart
  • hiking retreat, Sophia House
  • Sprout Creek Farm

"We participate in the mission of the Church through the service of education which is our way of continuing the work of Christ. This service of education is directed chiefly toward the young and those who bear within them the future of the world."  (From the Constitutions (#17) of the Society of the Sacred Heart)


Spirituality Programs: Our various spirituality programs provide opportunities for men and women to take time away for prayer and contemplation. For some, this means discerning a religious vocation. For all, these programs offer a way to rediscover or reconnect with their God and the Sacred Heart charism.


To learn more about our other educational and spiritual ministries, please visit the following links: