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Thank you, Saint Philippine!

Photo by Shirley Miller, RSCJ

In 1988, after three years of marriage, my husband, John, and my hope for a child was unfulfilled. That summer, we both participated in the pilgrimage to Grenoble and Rome for Philippine's canonization. I did "let Philippine know" (!) about our earnest wish and, lo and behold, our prayer was answered. Our daughter was born in March, 1989, and we named her "Lucy ROSE," in honor of Saint Philippine. I consciously urged my daughter to have "chutzpah," a sense of adventure, optimism and the willingness to "take the road less traveled" as she grew up, traits of her "patron" saint. At nearly 24, Lucy Rose lives by these values. Thank you, Saint Philippine!

Lucy Ashton van Atta, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich 1972