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Third and Fourth Week of Lent

3rd and 4th Weeks of Lent – Relationships offer new perspectives. Can you listen? What do you hear?

Scripture:  Isaiah 55:3Incline your ear and come to me, listen so that you may live.”

From Communication #3:

b) Relationships: to judge through the perspective of transforming relationships offers analytical and spiritual depth to the way persons participate in God’s mission. We are aware of the extent to which all kinds of human relationships of domination have wounded other persons and our Earth home (war, racism, sexism, poverty, deforestation, natural resource extraction, extinctions, patriarchy, colonialism, etc.) Needed are new models of relationships, ones that do not discriminate. Therefore, to judge through the perspective of transforming relationships involves education. This is so that new perspectives can assist decision-making and so lead to personal and structural transformation. Right relationships can happen when there is awareness and openness for the Spirit to do her creative work.

Listen to a piece of music that speaks to you of God's presence in the midst of suffering (i.e. "Litany of Peace and Reconciliation by David Haas and Jesse Manibusan; "The Cry of the Poor" by Michael Talbot; "Adagio for Strings" by Leonard Bernstein).

Reflection: Who are you listening to, what are you hearing? Is there a perspective that is new to you, one that might want your ear? Is there a part of the world calling out to you? How are you unsettled or challenged when you listen to voices that you have not yet heard?