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Third Sunday of Lent reflection

Today, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Oscar Romero, Rose Marie Quilter, RSCJ, writes, “It’s an ideal moment to ponder the call of Moses, God’s call to each of us personally and our call, together, as a community of faith in today’s world.”

Sister Quilter has worked extensively in Texas over the last six years, supporting programs and teaching at ARISE (A Resource in Serving Equality), a community-based program in South Texas that works with immigrant families to strengthen their communities, as well as facilitating a long-distance learning program between Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) and ARISE. Today, she resides on the ARISE support center campus in Alamo, Texas, working to share the voices of immigrants. It is there, she affirms, that she is taught by the many immigrant leaders in the area.

As we continue our Lenten journey, let us listen to and ponder Sister Quilter’s reflection on answering God’s call.

Reflection: Formation to Mission Committee with contributions from Rose Marie Quilter, RSCJ
Image: Painting by Stephen B. Whatley, from the art collection at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and photos by Encarni Pindado