Heart Magazine, Spring 2016
This Spring Issue of Heart Magazine has as its theme, Hope in a Broken World. During a time that our world sees so much sadness and pain, our contributors also see so much hope. In sharing their stories, they share that hope despite the brokenness around us. As you read and reflect on these stories, please share with us the hope you are finding in this world of ours.


FIrst Friday Reflection June 2016
How can we possibly love that much? God gifts us with the wide expanse of love made incarnate in Jesus, especially depicted in this sacred image. Jesus’ outstretched arms seem to say to us: “Here is all you need to know, fingertip to fingertip.  All of creation receives the embrace of my love. I do not ration my gift of the Spirit. My Spirit I give to you.”

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Jun 24, 2016
The gorgeous Pacific: This is all I am writing today, but will include a quote from St. Madeleine Sophie: Open your soul to the Spirit, call the Spirit who...
Jun 23, 2016
Fun and grave thoughts: My sister-in-law, Anita Rosenthal, and I are on the 17 Mile Drive and my brother took this picture. I miss them, but my sister and...


For Your Prayers

Work more and more at letting yourselves be led by the Spirit of God: with this divine leader you will be rich in every spiritual gift for yourselves and others; you will have prudence, firmness when necessary; in fact, the Spirit will supply all you lack.

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat


Melanie Guste, RSCJ
Melanie A. Guste, RSCJ ’70 is a native of New Orleans, LA. One of ten children, she attended the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans with her five sisters for 14 years (including pre-K and K) and graduated in 1970. Sister Guste served at the Academy of the Sacred Heart-Grand Coteau and at the Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco. She wrote the story below to share a little about her vocation.