The presidents of LCWR and CMSM have issued an open letter to President-Elect Donald Trump.


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One of my uncles once said that the cuteness of a baby is a trait to ensure its survival. There is an impulse to respond to the needs of a baby, to figure out what a baby is trying to tell us. Perhaps that is why God sent us a baby… so that we would hear what we had not been able to hear before. 

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For Your Prayers

The Roock Family

Mark Roock is a lovely man who works in Institutional Advancement at Maryville. He is a family man, a gentle man and a man of deep faith.  His son, David, was traveling to Chicago with his three small girls. A tractor trailer hit their car, instantly killing two of the little ones. The third child has a spinal injury - how severe, I do not know. The father is relatively unscathed. I am writing to ask that the community pray for this family. I just can't imagine the grief felt by the parents and grandparents. I know you and the RSCJ have an enviable gift for prayer.

The health of Megan Schroeder, 19-year-old cancer patient

My beautiful third cousin, Megan Schroeder, has spent every holiday since November 2015 in the hospital, receiving cancer treatment. She celebrated her 19th birthday last Friday and on that date, received the news that a scan had found four new tumors, despite surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Today, June 30, she is having those tumors biopsied. It is not a very hopeful situation, yet Megan shines brightly with hope, patience, courage and devotion to Our Lord.

If I could live my life over again, it would be to obey the Holy Spirit and act under his impulse only.

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat


“[Sister Brown] is a deeply compassionate, intelligent, and spiritual woman who is also competent, thorough, and creative… Along with her intensity, she has a wonderful capacity to laugh at herself. Her sense of humor is often self-healing and infectious… [Sister Brown] has a natural, intuitive gift for pastoral care ministry and her sincere and warm concern comes across loud and clear.”