The Stuart Center for Mission, Educational Leadership and Technology recently presented its first annual Kit Collins Micah Award to longtime employees Laryn Kragt Bakker and Will Simpson. With tenures of more than twenty combined years, both Bakker and Simpson worked at the Center for Educational Design and Communications under the leadership of Sister Kit Collins, who founded the CEDC as a way to provide good-quality, affordable technology and design for justice organizations.


Christ in the Garden with Mary Magdalene
By Bridget Bearss, RSCJ

So...you thought that 40 days was just till Easter? No...Lent is like riding in bumper cars at the carnival and the Easter season is the freeway.  You have had your internal tires rotated so they wear evenly, they are all fully inflated and you are in perfect alignment....so stop looking behind you out the rear view mirror and catch the view ahead...for this is the Easter journey to Pentecost when we get to live with the Lent behind us.

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For Your Prayers

In Solidarity with the Jewish Community in Kansas City

Together we pray for the victims of the shootings at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, their families and the community.

May we see the day when war and bloodshed cease
when a great peace will embrace the whole world

Then nation shall not threaten nation
and humankind will not again know war.

For all who live on earth shall realize
we have not come into being to hate or destroy
We have come into being
to praise, to labour and to love.

Paul McNeil

Please pray for Paul McNeil, a friend and dedicated peace activist, who will have cancer surgery in the near future. Please pray for his complete recovery. He is a wonderful, dedicated person.

I have not the slightest doubt that Divine Providence, which has guided us here through so many dangers and difficulties, will complete the work by hidden means which seem to disguise God’s way of furnishing help, but which only make them appear more wonderful in the eyes of those who follow Him along the paths of His goodness.

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne


For a quarter of a century, Mary Pat Rives, RSCJ, and her friend Mary West have taken a group of students on a mission trip to a group of villages just outside San Miguel de Allende in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, where they spend a week in service and reflection. Each year, the group of high school students works on such service projects as planting trees and gardens and building dams while engaging in cultural exchange with the native Mexicans. They also bring along solar ovens – a particular godsend for people where energy resources are scarce.