A friend of the RSCJ in Canada, Christine Gervais, Ph.D. studies women religious and has just annouonced the release her new book entitled Beyond the Altar: Women Religious.  Christine and her husband Grant are founders of Acceso International, a charitable organization that works on all levels to make education more accessible to disadvantaged groups in Latin America, Caribbean, and Canada.


When I first saw the icon above by Soeur Marie-Paul Farran, OSB, and studied it closely, I was drawn to the six water jars in the lower right hand corner. They are reminiscent of the jugs at the wedding feast of Cana. In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells the waiters to fill six jugs with water, and then he changes the water into wine for the wedding guests. But before that, his Mother, Mary, tells the waiters, "Do whatever he tells you."

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In Memoriam

Pray for our beloved Religious of the Sacred Heart

Margaret Mary Miller, a Religious of the Sacred Heart, was born on September 25, 1927, in Omaha, Nebraska, to Margaret Clinton and Claude Henry Francis Miller. Marg, as she was known by all who knew...

Those who have to educate to something higher must themselves have an idea of what they want. They must believe in the possibility of every mind and character to be lifted up to something better than it has already attained; they must themselves be striving for some higher excellence, and must believe and care deeply for the things they teach. For no one can be educated by maxim and precept; it is the life lived and the things loved and the ideals believed in by which we tell, one upon another.

Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ


Elaine Abels, RSCJ believes that every interaction provides an opportunity for a mutual exchange and an awareness of the Divine within. This conviction is the foundation of her ministry as spiritual care director at The Sarah Community, a non-profit elder care community in Bridgeton, Missouri, with three buildings offering different levels of care, from independent retirement living to skilled nursing care. While Sister Elaine is there to meet the spiritual needs of 300+ residents, she spends the majority of her time with the residents of the skilled nursing home, Anna House.