Heart Magazine, Winter 2017
This Winter Issue of Heart Magazine takes a deep look at General Chapter and the calls that were discerned for the Society of the Sacred Heart.  The Society welcomes all members of the Sacred Heart family to prayerfully learn, discover and to live these calls with them, over the next eight years.


Photograph by Jerry Naunheim
Something I read sixty-six years ago has stayed with me to this day and continues to influence my prayer.  The words were in a letter to members of the Society of the Sacred Heart from Reverend Mother de Lescure in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Society.

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In Memoriam

Pray for our beloved Religious of the Sacred Heart

Joanne Fitzpatrick, RSCJ
A religious sister for sixty-four years, Joanne was born on April 21, 1932 in St. Joseph, Missouri and was the daughter of Edward Luke Fitzpatrick and Marie Johanna Fahey Fitzpatrick. One of five...

Humility is the oil which keeps the lamps of the faithful burning, lighting the way to the Bridal Chamber of the Lamb.

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat


Patricia Marie Shaffer was born on June 11, 1928, in Los Angeles, to Rose Cecelia Rey and Edwin Joseph Shaffer. She was the oldest of five - three girls and two boys—in a devout Catholic household. In order to attend Catholic schools, she worked hard during summers in a local canning factory and at times helped in the fields.