Left to right: Hannah Joseph ('19); Ele Grenfell ('19); Miss Paula Macchello; Irma Dillard, RSCJ; Claire Nickerson ('21); Kayla Kinkaid ('20); Sofia Morra ('21); and Miss Lauren Brownlee. The students are members of the Social Action Student Advisory Board.
This past March, Irma Dillard, RSCJ, joined the faculty, staff and students at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart for their “Social Action Day.” Social Action Day focused on examining racism in light of the Chapter Calls, the work that the Society has done to explore and address its past with slavery, and what that means for all of us today.


First Friday reflection for June 2019
This sculpture of Christ and “every person” needs no words. It embodies all of the messages of great love and promise conveyed during Jesus’ ministry.

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Love God, and if you cannot meditate you can always say: My God, I love you.

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

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Please pray for me to get a job on a ship. Thank you


Prayer for repose of soul for Dolores Alva