World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation
Pope Francis has requested that September 1, 2016 be a World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation.  The day of prayer, the pope said, will give individuals and communities an opportunity to implore God's help in protecting creation and an opportunity to ask God's forgiveness "for sins committed against the world in which we live."   Read about the full announcement here. 


Photograph by Linda Behrens
“The thoughts of His heart are to all generations to rescue them from death, and to keep them alive in famine.”  This is the Introit for the Mass of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and I’ve always loved it as the opening salvo to the Feast and First Fridays. It speaks of the Heart of God being with us, holding us in ever-present consciousness, young and old, all of us, all generations, past and present. And that holding is about “rescuing us from death” and “keeping us alive in famine.”  God’s heart knows where we are even when we don’t want to admit it.

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For Your Prayers

The Roock Family

Mark Roock is a lovely man who works in Institutional Advancement at Maryville. He is a family man, a gentle man and a man of deep faith.  His son, David, was traveling to Chicago with his three small girls. A tractor trailer hit their car, instantly killing two of the little ones. The third child has a spinal injury - how severe, I do not know. The father is relatively unscathed. I am writing to ask that the community pray for this family. I just can't imagine the grief felt by the parents and grandparents. I know you and the RSCJ have an enviable gift for prayer.

Prayers for Dan Foy

Mary Ann Foy asks our continued prayers for her nephew, Dan Foy, seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.  He is still in ICU in an induced coma to assist in healing multiple broken bones and surgeries to iserts rods in crucial parts of his body.  Please pray for a complete recovery.

Love God, and if you can’t make your meditation, you can always say ‘My God, I love you!’

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat


Originally from California, Frances Gimber, RSCJ, first met the Society of the Sacred Heart as a student at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, in Menlo, California (now called Atherton). After graduating from Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, she entered the Society in 1955. She made her first vows in 1958 and her final profession in 1964. She celebrated the 50th anniversary of her final profession in February.