Sacred Heart Steps Retraced in Cuba
During the February break, faculty and staff of Convent & Stuart Hall traveled to Cuba to learn about the country and retrace the steps of Sacred Heart on the island.  Meeting with a number of RSCJ, the experience was especially timely given the upcoming bicentennial of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and her travels, which included a stop in Cuba.  To learn more, click this link.


Photo by Julie Siderfin, Associate
Lent has begun: our journey with Christ in suffering, death and resurrection. This old weathered statue looks over a corner of Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis and reminds us of the gift of his heart. It shows Christ with arms outstretched, fingers broken and heart exposed to the world.

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For Your Prayers

Frances Asam

Frances Asam, MC'57 asks that you keep her in your prayers. She has been hospitalized and needs to regain her strength in order to have surgery to remove a tumor.

The Roock Family

Mark Roock is a lovely man who works in Institutional Advancement at Maryville. He is a family man, a gentle man and a man of deep faith.  His son, David, was traveling to Chicago with his three small girls. A tractor trailer hit their car, instantly killing two of the little ones. The third child has a spinal injury - how severe, I do not know. The father is relatively unscathed. I am writing to ask that the community pray for this family. I just can't imagine the grief felt by the parents and grandparents. I know you and the RSCJ have an enviable gift for prayer.

You are a co-creator with God, in the manner of Jesus, of the compassion, justice, care, feedom, peace that we long for.

Kathleen Conan, RSCJ


Born in Nagasaki, Japan, Kinue Matsuzaki, RSCJ, known as Sister Matsu, joined the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1947 in Tokyo and devoted her energies to education. She came to the United States for the first time in 1962, where she baked up to eighty pies a day at Kenwood (!) – and also began to study art.