Maria Cimperman, RSCJ
Congratulations to Maria Cimperman, RSCJ on the release of her book Social Analysis for the 21st Century, available on Amazon and other on-line book sellers.


General Chapter Day 19
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Jul 22, 2016
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For Your Prayers

The health of Megan Schroeder, 19-year-old cancer patient

My beautiful third cousin, Megan Schroeder, has spent every holiday since November 2015 in the hospital, receiving cancer treatment. She celebrated her 19th birthday last Friday and on that date, received the news that a scan had found four new tumors, despite surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Today, June 30, she is having those tumors biopsied. It is not a very hopeful situation, yet Megan shines brightly with hope, patience, courage and devotion to Our Lord.

Those who have to educate to something higher must themselves have an idea of what they want. They must believe in the possibility of every mind and character to be lifted up to something better than it has already attained; they must themselves be striving for some higher excellence, and must believe and care deeply for the things they teach. For no one can be educated by maxim and precept; it is the life lived and the things loved and the ideals believed in by which we tell, one upon another.

Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ


2015 Jubilarian, Celebrating 50 Years as a Religious of the Sacred Heart Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ, is a sacramental theologian, teacher, speaker and writer who previously served as provincial for the United States Province (1999-2005). She is now engrossed with issues of spirituality and prayer and the retrieval and reinterpretation of traditional wisdom and practice for contemporary life.