Where we are

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The Society of the Sacred Heart has been present in ministry in Albany since 1852. For decades, our noviceship, Kenwood, was located there. Kenwood also served as a school for many years. Forty-five Religious of the Sacred Heart serve in the area, including many in prayer ministry at Teresian House. 


We are four communities with a fifth community that is comprised of those living at a distance, totaling 25 RSCJ.  Our members include: 

  • Four who teach at Boston College: Sisters Jean Bartunek, Hilda Carey, Gail O’Donnell and Barbara Quinn.
  • Five psychologists: Sisters Mariann Burke, Mary-Jane Ferrier, Nancy Kehoe (who also teaches at Harvard), Marianne Ruggeri and Mary Wolff-Salin.
  • Several in spiritual direction and retreat work, including: Sisters Mary Lyman, Justine Lyons, Gail O’Donnell and Jane O’Shaughnessy.
  • Margherita Cappelli, RSCJ, teaches English to speakers of other languages.
  • Frances de la Chapelle, RSCJ, who serves the province by assisting Religious in ministry transition.
  • Anne Dyer, RSCJ, an administrator and head of the lower school at Nantucket New School.
  • Ann Jablonski, RSCJ, is in transition.
  • Ann Johnston, RSCJ, teaches at the Theological Seminary in Maine.
  • Margaret Kilduff, RSCJ, does volunteer work with the elderly.
  • Eleanor MacLellan, RSCJ, involved in environmental work and education.
  • Maureen O’Halloran, RSCJ, is a lawyer, currently serving in provincial ministry.
  • Susan Regan, RSCJ, a psychologist who specializes in early intervention with infants.
  • Patricia Reid, RSCJ, paints icons and offers educational program on iconography.
  • Barbara Rogers, RSCJ, Head of Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart.
  • Oonah, Ryan, RSCJ, director of a cottage industry for families at risk in Maine.

As an area we celebrate well together; we have a monthly Mass together followed by supper and usually meet monthly as an area and use that time for some more in-depth connection. Boston is blessed by having many visitors.



Six Religious of the Sacred Heart call the Detroit area home, including three in the Academy of the Sacred Heart (Bloomfield Hills) school community which abuts the grounds of the school.

  • Bridget Bearss, RSCJ, is head of Academy of the Sacred Heart, and firmly committed to the success of the Academy.  
  • Kinue (Anna) Matzusaki, RSCJ, is an artist and gardener, whose work lifts the spirits of all around.
  • Anne Eppig, RSCJ, is a staff member at the Academy, involved with the school archives and with the infant-toddler program, as well as helping to provide a welcoming spirit to the school.
  • Rosemary Roney, RSCJ and Yeong-Ja Park, RSCJ, live together in Troy, Michigan, just minutes from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills. Both serve in a variety of ministries. Sister Roney works at the Manresa Jesuit retreat center as a spiritual director. Sister Park is a part-time member of the maintenance staff at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.
  • Annette Zipple, RSCJ, lives independently and serves in a ministry of prayer.


Grand Coteau/Baton Rouge


Halifax is home twelve Religious of the Sacred Heart in two communities. Several are in ministry at the Sacred Heart School of Halifax. Others work in spiritual direction and adult faith formation.


  • Sara Kay Thompson, RSCJ and Sharon Karam, RSCJ

The Houston area is small but mighty in outreach.  We have a growing Associates group, in which all RSCJ are involved, and a Wednesday liturgy in the White House (our residence at Duchesne Academy), which includes friends, alums, and associates who regularly worship with us. We also link with other sisters in our several ministries, and many parents from Duchesne help out with the ministries we serve. We are linked with Our Lady of Guadalupe School through an associate who teaches in the middle school, as well as through former parents who volunteer there; we enjoy a vibrant linkage with the Regis School in several ways, and are involved with several other schools and social ministries.

Ann Caire, RSCJ, works at Duchesne Academy in the archives and in the alumnae and development offices.

Sharon Karam, RSCJ, teaches English to seniors at Duchesne Academy and works with the sophomores in the Social Awareness program.

Carolyn Siy, RSCJ, serves as school accountant at St. Theresa’s Parish School, runs a spiritual book club in the parish, and is a spiritual director at the Cenacle Retreat House.

Sara Kay Thompson, RSCJ, is assistant director at Magnificat House ministries, working to provide housing for the mentally ill homeless, former offenders and other destitute people in need of a home.


  • Carol Bialock, RSCJ, with a student from Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton

The Menlo Area is made up of six communities, the largest of which is Oakwood, the retirement community for senior members of the province. There are seventy religious living in the area. Several of the RSCJ serve at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton, or St. Raymond's, a parish school nearby.


  • Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ
  • Rosemary Bearss, RSCJ, at the Barnyard

The Miami community of the Society of the Sacred Heart is diverse in ministry and gifts, but each shares the desire to make known God's love, especially to those with whom they work and call co-workers and collaborators. Their shared aim is to serve with the hearts of educators.  

Members of the area minister at Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Coconut Grove Cares/Barnyard; one chairs the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG) for Sacred Heart Schools in the United States; one is recently retired from St. Thomas University but stays active in several groups and writes a daily blog; one cares for her elderly mother while also working with Hospice families; others volunteer with public school programs and other social services. 

  • Rosemary Bearss, RSCJ, is the financial director of The Barnyard. This community center is located in an underserved, disadvantaged community in Coconut Grove. It serves 115 children from low-income families in an after- school program and summer camp. The center helps the children with their homework and provide computer classes, film making, dancing, drumming, and many other activities. 
  • Georgiana Logan, RSCJ, has served as a bereavement counselor with hospice, offering counseling and support to help family members of hospice patients transition through grief to reinvest in life. She also helps care for her 94-year- old mother and her 87 year-old aunt.
  • At Our Lady of the Lakes church, Patricia Munch, RSCJ, ministers to the sick, elderly and dying members of the parish and their families. She also facilitates the training of parish members who volunteer for this important ministry. Lastly, she sings in the parish choir.
  • Margaret Seitz, RSCJ, ministers at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. She assists the Head of School with curriculum development, the professional development of the faculty and staff. Sister Seitz also serves on the board of trustees at the Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.
  • Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, is the headmistress of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, founded in Miami in 1961. She also serves on the board of trustees of Morning Star Retreat House, the parish council of St. Hugh and is the former chair of the board at Coconut Grove Cares.  
  • Sister Suzanne Lasseigne’s ministry is with children. She spends half her time in the public schools tutoring/mentoring high schoolers who have indicated a desire to attend college. Many of them are immigrants to the United States or first-generation residents of Miami. Many would also be the first in their families to attend college. The other half of Sister Lasseigne’s time is at the Barnyard tutoring third graders and doing gardening with them. She is a Guardian Ad Litem, a court advocate for children in dependency court.
  • Helen Rosenthal, RSCJ, came to Miami in 1986 with a Ph.D. in historical theology and began teaching post-master courses and established a Center for Spirituality at St. Thomas University. Having retired after 25 years, she continues to attend a weekly faculty faith-sharing group and stays active in several other groups.
  • Ann Taylor, RSCJ, heads the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals the purpose of which is to design and implement an evaluative process whereby Sacred Heart Schools hold themselves accountable for living the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Sister Taylor also is the special projects director at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. 
  • Ana Soto, RSCJ, retired, does contemplative outreach. She is the embodiment of St. Madeleine Sophie’s words, "Your example, even more than your words will be an eloquent lesson to the world."


Montreal is home to the Sacred Heart School of Montreal, an English-language school. At the present moment, there are no RSCJ living in Montreal.

New Orleans

There are eight Religious of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans in three communities. They get together every other Tuesday for a liturgy in one of the communities. Several members of the area are involved in spiritual accompaniment at the Sophie Barat House and Duchesne House ministries.

  • Carol Burk, RSCJ, volunteers as a tutor in charter schools and teaches knitting to Academy of the Sacred Heart, New Orleans (The Rosaary) afterschool students.
  • Anne Byrne, RSCJ, is the coordinator of Duchesne House for Volunteers, a province ministry.
  • Annice Callahan, RSCJ, retired from the University of San Diego and serves in pastoral ministry and spiritual direction at Sophie Barat House.
  • Lorraine Landry, RSCJ has served for more than 20 years as the art teacher in the prep school of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, New Orleans (The Rosary)
  • Maureen Little, RSCJ is a religion teacher at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, New Orleans (The Rosary), where she also serves as coordinator of campus ministry and director of formation to mission.
  • Jane McKinlay, RSCJ, offers spiritual direction at Sophie Barrat House.
  • Anne Sturges, RSCJ, is in pastoral ministry at a New Orleans hospice.
  • Judy Vollbrecht, RSCJ, is now in transition after returning to the province after a long-term ministry in Haiti.

New York City

  • Lydia Cho, RSCJ
  • Judy Garson, RSCJ

New York is home to a dozen or so Religious of the Sacred Heart and frequently hosts long-term visitors from other provinces of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Our members include:

  • Elisabeth Brinkmann, RSCJ, serves at Convent of the Sacred Heart, 91st Street.
  • Lydia Cho, RSCJ, is a Marriage Family Therapist.
  • Joan Ewing, RSCJ, is a staff member in a GED Plus program in the Public School System. 
  • Eleanor Fox, RSCJ, ministers in an English as a Second Language program, the CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP, CUNY being City University of New York). It operates in each of the several CUNY community colleges. She tutors in Borough of Manhattan Community College's program, where she prepares students who lack the necessary English skills to pass the writing test required before they can take credit courses.
  • Judy Garson, RSCJ, works on immigration reform, principally by volunteering part-time at the Westchester Hispanic Coalition, located in White Plains, NY. Sister Garson was introduced to the ministry after Imma De Stefanis, RSCJ and Reyna Gonzalez, RSCJ, worked with the organization, and they realized there was a need for an assistant to the director.
  • Joan Kirby, RSCJ, represents the Temple of Understanding at the United Nations where she is deeply involved in the movement for a Sustainable Environment. The Temple of Understanding is the oldest interfaith organization in the United States, with a mission to educate to understand and respect different religious traditions.
  • Cecile Meijer, RSCJ, who serves in the Society’s United Nations non-governmental office.


Religious of the Sacred Heart have served in Omaha for generations, primarily at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. There are currently two RSCJ living in this area, Lucy Hayes, RSCJ and JoEllen Sumpter, RSCJ, both of whom are active at the school.


Two Religious of the Sacred Heart - Sheila Smith, RSCJ and Amarylis Serrano, RSCJ - currently reside in Ottawa. Both are students. Sister Smith is completing her doctoral work at Saint Paul University and is active in anti-trafficking efforts.

Out of Country

Prince George

Two Religious of the Sacred Heart reside in Prince George, British Columbia. Both are involved in adult faith formation.

San Diego

  • Sisters Gina Rodee, Eileen Bearss and Betsy Walsh
  • Sister Teresa Monroe

Appropriately named the “San Diego – San Bernardino Area” because its RSCJ minister within these two Catholic dioceses, there are 18 Religious of the Sacred Heart in all. Thirteen live within the city of San Diego, three in San Jacinto on the Soboba Indian Reservation, one in Palm Desert, and one in the neighboring state of Arizona.

Several Religious of the Sacred Heart are connected to the University of San Diego, part of which, the original San Diego College for Women, was founded by RSCJ in the late 1940's, opening for classes in 1952. In 1972, the Men's and Women's Colleges merged into a single coeducational University.

  • Retired some 15 years ago from her decades-long role as vice president and provost of the University of San Diego, Sally Furay, RSCJ, continued as consultant and as a participant on boards and other groups around the U.S., including a Network School Board in San Francisco, Manhattanville College in New York, and another university board in the San Francisco Bay area. She also works regularly with a higher education legal committee in Washington, DC, a community development bank in San Diego, the advisory board of a law school in Minneapolis which she helped to found, the Barat Educational Foundation in Chicago, and her beloved Old Globe Theatre board in San Diego.
  • Mary Hotz, RSCJ, is associate professor of English at the University of San Diego, teaching courses in Victorian Literature, and Native American Literature. Sister Hotz particularly enjoys working with students on their reading and writing skills.
  • Theresa Monroe, RSCJ, is associate professor of leadership studies at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences at USD, teaching the core courses, Leadership Theory and Practice and Leadership for Change, for doctoral and masters' students, as well as courses on organizational consulting, policymaking, and human relations. She is also an affiliated faculty member at the Irish Management Institute in Dublin, and consults to numerous national and international companies and organizations.
  • Virginia Rodee, RSCJ, an alumna of USD, is assistant vice president for Mission at the university. In this role, she communicates the history, mission and core values of USD to faculty, staff and students through seminars, events, publications and web. In addition, Sister Rodee serves as a director on the board of Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters, Academy of Our Lady of Peace (of which she is also an alumna), Kraemer Endowment Foundation, USD Alumni Association and San Diego Sacred Heart Alumnae/I Association. She is moderator of the San Diego Alumnae/i of the Sacred Heart. She recently served as novice director for the U.S. Province.
  • A professor emerita from USD, and a former chair of its English department, Elizabeth (Betsy) Walsh, RSCJ, continues to teach one literature course there (Dante) in the spring semester. In addition, she is working on an article on Spiritual Friendship as understood by Aelred of Rievaux. She also moderates a book club for some of the alumnae from the original College for Women, and is on the board for St. Madeleine Sophie's Center in El Cajon, a facility for developmentally disabled adults.

A second corporate ministry is the Spiritual Ministry Center, founded by RSCJ in the 1980's in San Diego. Here three Religious of the Sacred Heart do retreat work and spiritual direction:

  • Marie-Louise (Bunny) Flick, RSCJ, who is also on the faculty for the Creighton Spirituality Program in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Stephany Veluz, RSCJ, who serves as well as the vocation contact person for the area.
  • Anne Wente, RSCJ, who also has a pastoral counseling practice

The third corporate ministry is with Native American peoples of the Luiseno tribe, in San Jacinto, on the Soboba Reservation, located approximately 90 miles northeast of San Diego. Together with the Missionary of the Sacred Heart (MSC) pastor, brother, and MSC sisters, the ministry serves six reservations, which include also the Cahuilla Tribe. Chief among the roles of the religious are those of “presence” and supportive relationships.

  • Adele Schroeder, RSCJ, is a full-time teacher in the school and assists with bookkeeping.
  • Marianna Torrano, RSCJ, founded St. Jude Mission School, an independent Catholic elementary school, located next to St. Joseph Mission Church, for Indian children, and currently is its chief financial officer. She is also directs the choir, playing the piano at church services, and serves as spiritual director and psychological consultant.
  • Deanna Rose von Bargen, RSCJ, is involved with adult faith-formation on both the Soboba and the Pechanga Reservations.

Several RSCJ are involved in a variety of other ministries:

  • Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ, has just finished 18 years as a parish leader in San Bernardino, and is now taking a sabbatical year of study and travel, plus working on some writing projects and serving on Province committees.
  • Irene Cullen, RSCJ, is director of the Uganda-Kenya Mission Support Office. She networks with the Sacred Heart family in the United States and with the RSCJ educational mission in the Uganda-Kenya Province, through yearly newsletters, bringing Sacred Heart educators to Uganda-Kenya, raising funds for their projects, and giving talks at Sacred Heart Schools in the U.S. about the Society's mission abroad. Locally in San Diego, Sister Cullen volunteers in the raising awareness of the scourge of human trafficking, and in supporting the first “safe house” in San Diego for the rehabilitation of trafficked women.
  • Linda Hayward, RSCJ, is a writer and spiritual director. Currently she is composing a “Legendary Life” of Frances Danz, RSCJ. She serves as a spiritual reflector for several members of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, and attends meetings of the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, participating in actions on behalf of workers.
  • Marina Hernandez, RSCJ, serves as the canonical treasurer for the Society of the Sacred Heart U.S. Province, working with the Province Finance Office as well as Province Finance and Investment Committees and province RSCJ in moving towards a continued deeper understanding of what it means to live as a community of shared goods and resources in the concrete events of everyday life.
  • Annette Schmeling, RSCJ, is currently discerning and exploring ministry in the areas of Value Based Leadership Development through the Servant Leadership Institute in Vista, CA, as well as participating in the Contemplative Dialogue Institute.
  • Mary Schumacher, RSCJ is involved in building relationships with Sacred Heart alumnae in the region surrounding Palm Desert. She also provides a monthly retreat, spiritual direction, and catechesis for RCIA in her local parish.A native of Colombia, Alette Latorre, RSCJ, lives in Tucson, Arizona caring for her mother and ministering at Catholic Social Services there. She assists with refugees from seven African countries as well as from Iraq, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, and Cuba. Usually these people are from countries that are at war, and are fleeing for their lives.
  • Alette Latorre, RSCJ, is connected to the San Diego Area, though she lives in Tucson, where she works with immigrants and refugees.

The RSCJ community in the geographical area frequently come together from various living groups for prayer, faith-sharing, discernment, national province teleconferences, celebratory dinners on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the feasts of St. Madeleine Sophie and Philippine Duchesne, and, in the previous two years, for communal ongoing formation in support of the initial formation process for a novice located in the area.

San Francisco/East Bay

  • San Francisco Area RSCJ

The San Francisco Bay Area has been a home for RSCJ for many decades.  Our ministries in San Francisco and the East Bay include:

  • teaching at St. Martin de Porres Elementary/Middle School (Kathy Buschman, RSCJ)
  • higher education at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley (Mary McGann, RSCJ)
  • the University of San Francisco (Theresa Moser, RSCJ)
  • parish ministry at St. Boniface Church in the Tenderloin district (Irma Dillard, RSCJ)
  • psychotherapy (Columba Kim, RSCJ);
  • nursing and hospice nursing (Juliet Lee, RSCJ and Kum Soon Eum, RSCJ);
  • volunteer and translation service (Mary Elizabeth Fisher, RSCJ)
  • Province vocations ministry (Mary Pat White, RSCJ)

The newest community in the province is found in this area. Sophia House is a community of "intentional hospitality," created to reach out to women and young adults in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

One evening a month we gather with lay women from the area – friends, associates, colleagues – for prayer, conversation and sharing a meal at the Oakland Community. Religious of the Sacred Heart come together regularly for meetings, provincial teleconferences, and to celebrate feasts, especially that of St. Madeleine Sophie, and to enjoy each other’s presence. Smaller groups enjoy walks in Golden Gate Park, meals together, visits to other parts of the state, and of course, spontaneous fun!


In the Seattle Area of the United States Province, five Religious of the Sacred Heart enjoy serving in various ministries amidst snow-capped mountains and blue lakes. The Northwest draws one towards what is possible and what is creative. Even the heavy rains fail to dampen the impulses of inspiration all around us.

  • Rody Dobler, RSCJ, and Sandralea Tuohy, RSCJ, share a home which they frequently open to neighbors and other visitors, offering delicious home cooking and hospitality. Sister Dobler tutors at the Recovery Café in downtown Seattle each Saturday in a three-hour ministry which assists those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. She also volunteers at First Place, a K-6 school for impoverished youth.
  • Sister Tuohy assists at First Place on Wednesday to tutor the young students.
  • On the other side of Lake Washington, the Eastside, Sisters Marcia O’Dea and Kathleen Sullivan live in downtown Bellevue. Sister Sullivan, who has retired from her twenty-four years as a math professor at Seattle University, tutors math with grateful students at Forest Ridge High School; she and Sister Flaherty coordinate the Associates Program in Seattle.
  • Sister O’Dea teaches two high school English classes and administers the International Baccalaureate Extended Essay Program at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.  
  • In Bellevue, Mary B. Flaherty, RSCJ, resides in a retirement home, but continues in many ministries.  Mary B.’s numerous ministries speak of her dedication and vision.  Bringing weekly communion services and a monthly Mass to the Garden Club community, Mary B. also ministers here by being an RSCJ presence, one who listens to the residents and brings their concerns to the Lord. She also serves as a Garden Club Ambassador to welcome and orient new residents.  In Saint Madeleine Sophie Parish, Mary B. sits on the liturgical arts and liturgy committees and is a lector; she is a member of this parish school accreditation committee.  A Moderator of the Children of Mary Sodality and Alumnae Board, Sister Flaherty retains a close association with Forest Ridge as a past Board Chair and beloved friend of many. 

The little communities of the Seattle area are distinct but united in mutual understanding.  We keep each other’s intentions close in prayer and enjoy meetings as an area, occasions when we celebrate birthdays. Kathy and Rody have appreciated attending lectures related to  faith at St. Joseph’s parish Church, and the entire area has celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart with the Associates in a new Seattle parish, Christ Our Hope. As we meet and work with our neighbors, associates and colleagues, we are open to cultural and spiritual differences. We try as RSCJ to give one another space to explore new possibilities and opportunities as we anchor our vision in the inspiration which nature’s beauty evokes in each one and in Sophie’s quiet hope that “Love Be Your life for all Eternity.”

St. Louis/St. Charles

  • Elaine Abels, RSCJ
  • Sisters Melanie Guste, Barbara Moreau and Mary Kay Hunyady
  • Margaret Munch, RSCJ and Fran Gimber, RSCJ

The St. Louis/St. Charles Area is home to the provincial house, the administrative offices of the United States-Canada Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart. There are nearly 30 Religious living in six communities. Ministries include provincial service, service in the Academy of the Sacred Heart and Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill, two Network Schools, research and publishing, formation to mission, social justice work, Archive work, spiritual care of the elderly.

  • Sisters Barbara Dawson, Meg Causey, Sheila Hammond and Diana Wall serve as the leadership team for the U.S. Province.
  • Elaine Abels, RSCJ, is spiritual care director at the Sarah Community, a senior community.
  • Mary Loretta Busch, RSCJ, retired from teaching at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles.
  • Constance Dryden, RSCJ, ministers with senior adults as an in-home caregiver.
  • Jan Dunn, RSCJ, is the interim executive director for the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.
  • Emma Fernandez, RSCJ, is in service at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles, in particular as sacristan in the Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne.
  • Mary Louise Gavan, RSCJ, serves in the Archives of the U.S. Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
  • Nancy Ghio, RSCJ, works in the middle school office at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School.
  • Formerly the archivist for the U.S. Province, Frances Gimber, RSCJ, is a writer and editor.
  • Maureen Glavin serves as head of school for the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles.
  • Carol Haggarty, RSCJ, serves in provincial ministry.
  • Irene Herbst, RSCJ, is a religion teacher at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School.
  • Former Provincial Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ, serves in formation to mission for the province and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.
  • Kimberly King, RSCJ, serves as librarian at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Charles. She is also a published poet.
  • Susan Maxwell, RSCJ, was a member of the previous provincial leadership team. She has extensive Network of Sacred Heart Schools experience and is currently researching the history of the Network.
  • Shirley Miller, RSCJ, is the director of the office of mission advancement for the U.S. Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart, recently concluding the In Mission for Life campaign for ministry and elder care.
  • Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ, is the newest member of the United States Province. She teaches at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis.
  • Margaret Mary Munch, RSCJ, is an educator at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, as well as a docent at the St. Ferdinand’s Shrine in Florissant,
  • Pamela Neels, RSCJ, is a psychotherapist at an interfaith nonprofit.
  • Pricillian Nyirampamira, RSCJ, is a full-time student.
  • Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, is the archivist for the U.S. Province. She is also an author and frequent tour leader.
  • Mary Pat Rives, RSCJ, is the school nurse at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill, a Network school.
  • Maria Schlömer, RSCJ, is in transition.
  • Regina Shin, RSCJ, provides administrative support for the United States-Canada Province.
  • Sally Stephens, RSCJ, is the director of the Oak Hill School library.

Washington D.C.


The 300+ members of the province minister in seventeen areas, in cities, towns – and even on a farm – from coast to coast. Click on one of the areas in the map above to learn more about the Religious of the Sacred Heart in that location.