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Christmas reflection

In the beginning was the Word,
Then there was light,
And the Word became flesh.
Emmanuel, God with us.

O Mary,
Mother of Jesus,
Mother of his first Advent into time and into human flesh,
Mother of his continued Advent in the Church
and in the world throughout history,
Mother of his new Advent in each of us here and now, in this Christmas season.

Bring to birth in us ...
The true spirit of JESUS ...
who heals and makes us whole,
who realizes in us our full humanity,
who creates in us a place of peace,
who calls us to enter fully into our role in the world,
that of women and men consecrated to His open Heart.

Prayer written by Madeleine Sophie Cooney, RSCJ
December 14, 1912 - August 9, 1994
Final Profession: August 6, 1940
Religious of the Sacred Heart, lover of the intellectual life, teacher of humanities, one who embraced the creative journey of paradox and symbol in “the lengthy journey of the spirit consisting of numberless small steps into the unknown.”

Let us be the open heart,
to be and act as one Body,
to create silence,
to reach new frontiers,
to live more humanly.

Christmas blessings on this journey of the open heart

Photograph: Chapel at Academy of the Sacred Heart, Bloomfield Hills by Mary Lou Cochran
Image: Open Heart by Bridget Bearss, RSCJ