Known names of enslaved persons bought and sold by the Society:

The following are names of the enslaved persons at the Sacred Heart convent and school in Grand Coteau, Louisiana.

Martin & Melite

Frank Hawkins & Jenny (Jane) Eaglin: their children & grandchildren:
Frank Jr & Marguerite Hawkins: Mary.
Ben & Caroline Hawkins: Josephine, Ben, Marie Louise, Frederick Joseph, Emile, Marie Emeline, Joseph Zephrin.
John & Rose Eaglin Hawkins: George Washington, Marie Noraly.
James & Emeline Jones Hawkins: Marie Coralie, Louise Victorine,
Mary Amelia Xavier Hawkins.

Dave Eaglin & Julia Ann

Frank Eaglin & Eliza: their children
Rose, Louisa, Matthew, Maria Cornelia.

Wilson Jacobs & Marie Louise Phillips: their children
Firmin, Clara Jacobs.

No Surnames
William & Josephine; Veslain & Eugenie; August & Rosaline: Marie Louise; Ignace & Eliza: Thomas Ignace; Peter & Eliza: Mary; Phillis: Charles, baby girl; Harriet “Henny”: Marie Susanna; Mary Ann: Jane. 
Single adults: Joseph, Kitty.
Orphan children: Elizabeth, Celestin, Louis, Emeline, Rose, Marie Louise, Mary, Ana, Philomene, Joseph Henry, Charles, James Henry, Fanny Ann. 

The following are names of the enslaved persons at St. Michael’s Convent, St. James Parish, Louisiana. Some names may be duplicated because of the varied sources. Names in parentheses following the given names are surnames added after emancipation.

Adam, Adam Joseph Marie, Agnes (Steward), Ann D’Acquai, Ann, Baker, (Roy) Bartheleme, Betsy (Honore), Celestine, Charles, Charles Michel, (John) Clem, Constance (Steward), Darky/Darkey, Davis, Eliza, Elizabeth, Esther, Francis, François, Françoise, Frank, Helene, Henny, James, Jean Baptiste, Jean Baptiste Leonce, Jenny, Jerry alias Jeremias, Jimmy/Jim, John Darquez (Steward), John (Steward, Jr.), John Henry, John the mulatto, Joseph/Joe, Joseph, Joseph, Josephine, Julian, Kitty, Liza Nebbit/Nibbit, Lolotto, Louisa Celestina, Marcelite, Maria, Maria Odelia, Marie (Steward), Marie Anne, Marie Aurilitte, Marie Josephine, Marie Philomene, Marie Philomene, Mary, Mary Ann, Mary Anne, Mary Sarah, Nancy, Old Louis, Oliver, Pierre Fortune, Rachel, Rosalie, Rosalie, Rosella (Michel), Seraphine, Sooky, Thomas Washington, Vallery (Steward), Washington Spalding, William, William.

The following are names of the enslaved persons at the school of the Religious of the Sacred Heart in Natchitoches, Louisiana. All of them were sold prior to Emancipation

Jaco and Adeline; Louise Jackson and children Seraphine "Sarah", Odin, Stanislaus, James Mitchel, Jacks/Jacques, Martin and Francois Jackson..

*The names above were researched and compiled by Emory Webre and Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ, members of the Committee on Slavery, Accountability and Reconciliation