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The best thing in the world

The other day work took me to a primary school, where I admired displays of RE work. On one wall, several children had written about being called and chosen by God, and what they thought this meant. Mostly, they wrote of discipleship and following Jesus and making him known, but one child began their contribution in a most arresting way: I think being called and chosen by God is the best thing in the world. To which I could only respond with a hearty Amen!

Ambiguity, abundance and the Open Heart

Here in the northern hemisphere there is a real lushness to June: a greenness, a blossoming of wide-open peonies and poppies and roses, greenery and flowers tumbling, cascading over borders, an abundance of life all around. And it occurs to me that this is very right for the month of the Sacred Heart; a wide-open Heart, source of an abundant outpouring of love, and of so much life, in all its fullness and abundance.