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Holy Week Processions!

I had the great fortune to be in Granada over the past few days, where there is a great tradition of processions for Holy Week. They are beautiful, and solemn, and totally different. They begin with groups of penitents who wear pointed hats of different colors (each group, called a confradia, has their own colors and traditions). They have women wearing mantillas, children handing out holy cards and candies to the children watching, and other groups of penitents carrying crosses.

Auto Sacramental

Sunday evening was the auto-sacramental: a dramatic rendering of the events of last days of Jesus life and his resurrection. Here are some pictures to enjoy. They did an amazingly professional job, considering how tiny this town and parish is!

Duchesne House to close in August

Sergio Vasquez (Left) and Bonnie Kearney, RSCJ (Right)

Duchesne House for Volunteers in New Orleans, Louisiana, a ministry of the Society of the Sacred Heart, United States – Canada Province, will close at the end of August 2019.

Duchesne House opened in 2007 as a response to the needs of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Religious of the Sacred Heart have staffed the Duchesne House since its foundation. Today, Bonnie Kearney, RSCJ; Sergio Vasquez (an Associate); and Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ, are its current staff.