“Home” and “homelessness” have been themes running through my mind and heart in recent months. Just a year ago, hurricanes Katrina and Rita forced thousands of people to leave their homes. These same storms dislodged many others from familiar patterns as they opened their houses and their hearts to the evacuees. As the months have gone on, we have heard stories of people and communities rebuilding their homes and their lives. During this same year, our elder sisters at Kenwood in Albany, New York, have begun creating a new home at Teresian House, a few miles away. (See Heart, Spring 2006.) All through this time, many of us have been involved in the national discussion about our attitudes and choices in relation to people who wish to make their home in our country. And in this issue of Heart we share the experience of three of our sisters who minister daily with men and women who are without a home or who are trying to negotiate the many factors that contribute to stability and “at-home-ness” in our lives.

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