Lent 2023

The JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) International Office of the Society of the Sacred Heart offers prayer guides throughout this Lenten Season. Check back weekly for new links or visit the JPIC Learning Hub directly (click here).


Ash Wednesday

As we begin the Lenten Season on February 22 with Ash Wednesday, we are invited to “be Reconciled to God.”

Ash Wednesday Prayer Guide (click here)


First Sunday of Lent

“Let us listen to the truth of these victims of violence, let us look at reality through their eyes and listen to their stories with an open heart...”(Fratelli Tutti, § 261)

First Sunday Prayer Guide (click here)


Second Sunday of Lent

“In our wounded world, we need to make an effort to seek hope and truth, and to take concrete actions here and now.” – Thomas Keating, OSCO

Second Sunday Prayer Guide (click here)


Third Sunday of Lent

“Each one of us knows or experiences situations that are close to us, personal and/or communal, that are inviting us to act together, to recognize the need to meet person to person, one by one...”

Third Sunday Prayer Guide (click here)


Fourth Sunday of Lent

“We may fall in darkness but as soon as we acknowledge and want to return to the light, it is the joy of God to restore light in our blindness.”

Fourth Sunday Prayer Guide (click here)


Fifth Sunday of Lent

“In our lives, we too experience these moments when fear and doubt fill our hearts.  The story of Lazarus conveys a significant message to all of us.It invites us to trust in Jesus even at those terrible moments when we experience extreme sadness or fear.”

Fifth Sunday Prayer Guide (click here)


Palm Sunday

“At the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus had to face his coming Passion and at the same time engage with the crowd celebrating Him. He knew what was waiting for Him as he entered Jerusalem, and at the same time, the crowd’s cheering, and exaltation of Him was indicating something else, something joyful and reassuring.”

Palm Sunday Prayer Guide (click here)


Holy Thursday

“Today we can begin our Easter Triduum by contemplating the last supper event where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples...a gesture of loving, respecting and putting power at the service of others.”

Holy Thursday Prayer Guide (click here)


Good Friday

“Let us “remain in Jesus” this Good Friday. Let us “shadow” him as he walks the path to Calvary and surrenders his life in freedom. Focus on Jesus — his words, attitudes, and actions. We ask for the grace to experience the love and passion that enabled him to take up his Cross and commend his spirit into God’s hands.”

Good Friday Prayer Guide (click here)