An Act of Hope: Province Priorities for Strategic Planning is a document the Society of the Sacred Heart, United States Province published in 1992, in large part due to the vision of the late Rosemary Bearss, RSCJ, the provincial at the time of its publication.

This Lenten season, Religious of the Sacred Heart: Bridget Bearss, Irma Dillard, Ann Jablonski, Kim King, and Margo Morris, invite you to read and reflect on this Society document in honor of Sister Rosemary Bearss, who is remembered for her invitation and challenge to the Society to expand its commitment to work against the myriad forms of injustice. 

Since the publication of An Act of Hope, the world may look different, but the issues remain. In some 30 years of lived history, RSCJ and our mission partners continue to be called to minister against the faces of injustice through the work of education.

Below are reflection questions and a video to accompany your reading of An Act of Hope. A group reading and reflection are encouraged. 

For reflection

Take a moment to think back and reflect on each of the time periods:  1992-1999... 2000-2009... 2010-2019...on 2020-today.

Think about the technology, climate, politics, leaders, world events, economy, conflicts, wars, social justice movements, and social injustices of these time periods. Take some time to research and refresh your memory about what was happening during these decades.

  • Where were you during these each of these time periods?
  • What were you doing?
  • What social awareness did you have?
  • What did you miss? Ignore? Avoid?

Today we step out in faith, unafraid, with open hearts, reclaiming "An Act of Hope"

An open heart requires an act of courage... An open heart is a heart that is not afraid... An open heart sees possibilities.