Week of November 16-20

 Philippine's journey continues through us

For months, while grappling with the uncertainty and physical isolation caused by the pandemic, we have sought to respond as one body acting in hope while drawing upon the spirituality of the Sacred Heart. We continue to witness acts of violence which dehumanize our sisters and brothers of color. The cries of young and old for justice echo the hopes of all of us who aspire to live the attitudes of Christ’s Heart.

We anticipate Philippine’s Feast and, in truth, we experience discomfort. We admire Philippine as a pioneer, an educator, a vowed religious, and we know she also participated and was complicit in the evil of enslavement. How do we approach this feast, knowing that this “saint” still engaged in sinful prejudices and actions, which still cause suffering today? What might we learn from Philippine in order to work more effectively for racial justice and reconciliation?

Convinced that this reflection on Philippine is impossible without the guidance of the Spirit, we invite you to join us in a week of prayer and reflection. In the spirit of oneness with our God, and with one another, let us consider how we, the recipients of Philippine’s legacy, might continue her mission in a spirit of humility. Acknowledging Philippine’s humanity calls us to acknowledge our own. Recognizing and working to overcome our limitations, trusting fully in the Spirit dwelling deep within our hearts, let us continue to travel to new frontiers and to choose love, always.