Week 03 (April 5-11)

Today's reflection is on water. It is a particularly important image for this time of year. Our Lenten journey has been a time when we return to God – the wellspring – the Source.

And this Source of life is unfolded, if you will, through the Son. Jesus is actually the Well, receiving, drawing life from the Father – God – the Spring, the Source, by the power of the Spirit, which makes these waters accessible. It is Jesus that draws these waters to the surface, making them available to us through our encounter with Him.  

In turn, just like the Samaritan woman at the well, by the power of the Spirit, it is possible for us to also receive and then allow these waters to flow forth – to stream with some force out to others.  

During this time of year, we want to get in touch with where we are with all of this. What’s going on at a deeper level within us? ... our thirst, our seeking, our longing? And, then, is there something that might be blocking the flow of life – blocking our openness to receiving living water and then being able to channel it to others?  

Madeleine Sophie Barat constantly reminded others, we can’t give what we ourselves don’t have. And she struggled with this balance, herself. As you view the video below, created by Dolores Aleixandre, RSCJ, of Spain, note which of the images or words strike you or stand out for you. Note, also, any feelings that surround the image or the words that most attract you.

Suggested Music: You Are the Centre by Margaret Pizza (Click link to listen while video is played.)

Video: created from a presentation originally created by Dolores Alexiandre, RSCJ
Text: from In the Shadow of the Word: Praying with Madeleine Sophie Barat by Dolores Aleixandre, RSCJ
Images: Mark Rupnik, SJ