Week 03 (April 5-11)

In her account to St. Madeleine Sophie about her all-night prayer on Holy Thursday in 1806, Philippine wrote:

It was indeed a blessed night!... All night long I was in the New World, and I traveled in good company.  First of all I reverently gathered up all the Precious Blood from the Garden, the Praetorium, and Calvary.  Then I took possession of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  Holding him close to my heart, I went forth to scatter my treasure everywhere, without fear that it would be exhausted.... The twelve hours of the night passed rapidly and without fatigue... And then I found myself alone with Jesus.... Dear Mother, when you say to me, “Behold I send you,” I shall answer quickly, “I will go.”  

- Letter of Philippine Duchesne to Madeleine Sophie, 4 April 1806

These words from our Constitutions express for us today this mystical experience and profound apostolic vision:

The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being 
to the depths of God 
and to the anguish of humankind.  

– Constitutions §8

And so during this Holy Week Triduum, inspired by the life and mission of Philippine Duchesne, let us “come to Him with everything that touches our life, with the sufferings and hopes of humanity.”  Constitutions § 20

How is the pierced Heart of Jesus
touching my heart, opening my being? 

What are the “sufferings and hopes of humanity,” 
[especially in this time of Covid-19,]
that call me to prayer, 
invite me to cross "frontiers,"
move me to commitment and action?


Reflection and photo by Joy Luz, RSCJ
Adapted from original text from rscjinternational.org