Week 12 (June 7-13)

By Lisa Buscher, RSCJ

This week I have contemplated more and more the complex images of breath and breathing that have begged our attention.  

George Floyd’s cry, “I can’t breathe,” (that exact cry of Eric Garner six years ago) and the incongruity of a church feast we collectively remember as the Holy Spirit being breathed on to those gathered for the first Pentecost. This same life breath, which hovered over the waters of creation, was suffocated out of a human being as we collectively watched in horror and disbelief. It is also the same breath struggled for by those whose body has been taken ill through the COVID-19 virus.

Woke to a new reality of injustice and white privilege, how do we, as women and men of the pierced heart of God, stand with our black and brown sisters and brothers to bring our charism of LOVE to this moment, this invitation, this new reality of living and breathing? 

I Can't Breathe by Devin Marie