Welcoming Communities

The Society of the Sacred Heart oversees four welcoming communities within the United States, each offering ministry and retreat programs for young adults.

What all welcoming communities have in common:

  • Intentional, regular programing for young adults
  • A commitment to justice and spiritual growth
  • A space where young adults are welcomed for meals, conversation and prayer

Welcoming communities differ with regard to:

  • Overnight housing
  • Volunteer work
  • Frequency and types of programs

Sophia House

Outreach to women and young adults in Berkeley, California

Sophia House is a welcoming community located in Berkeley, California. The mission of Sophia House is to reach out to women and young adults in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Currently, five RSCJ live in the community, and there is room for more. The community at Sophia House places an emphasis on simplicity of life, care for the environment, contemplation, community. They regularly welcome people to the house, as individuals and groups, for prayer, meals, discussion, and celebrations. For example, their first party was a Chinese New Year celebration with some friends from Southeast Asia. Each member carries out her own ministry, but each has also committed herself to the shared ministry of the House.

For more information on visiting contact Sister Mary Jo McFayden, RSCJ at mmcfayden@rscj.org.

Anne Montgomery House

Anne Montgomery House is an intentional community founded to provide a one-year experience of community living for young women interested in spirituality and justice. The house is named for Anne Montgomery, RSCJ, a dedicated peacemaker who lived her Sacred Heart spirituality primarily through volunteer work with two groups: Christian Peacemaker Teams bringing peace to war-torn regions worldwide, and the Plowshares Movement, working for nuclear disarmament through nonviolent protest.  

Three Religious of the Sacred Heart live in the community, Sisters Diane Roche, Julie Yachtis and Clare Pratt. There is room for between 2 and 4 younger members.  Every member of the community contributes actively to social justice in some way, whether it be advocacy, protest, community organizing, or some forms of direct service. Organizations where members are (or have been) involved include, Sojourner Magazine, Network Lobby, Center for American Progress, (CAP) and the Stuart Center of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

To inquire or for questions, please contact Diane Roche, RSCJ.

Heart of Oak Community

In the Heart of Oak community in Newton, Massachusetts, we create space to share our spirituality and mission as Religious of the Sacred Heart with young adults who teach us in turn about their deep longings, struggles, and hopes for a world ever new. 

For more information contact Sister Barbara Quinn, RSCJ at bquinn@rscj.org or Sister Mary Patricia White, RSCJ at mwhite@rscj.org

Rebecca House

Rebecca House is an RSCJ community located in White Plains, New York and committed to welcoming young adults seeking an experience of community, reflection and social action. Short- and long-term volunteers ages 21-30 from the U.S. and abroad are welcome! 

For more information contact Reyna González, RSCJ, or Imma De Stefanis, RSCJ.