We are the United States – Canada (USC) Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart, part of an international congregation of Catholic women. Founded in 1800 by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, the Society of the Sacred Heart has more than 1,800 members (Religious of the Sacred Heart) in 41 countries. In the United States and Canada, we have 186 members in a wide variety of ministries.

The USC Province is one of 28 provinces, or established regions, that make up the international Society of the Sacred Heart.

Members of the Society, Sisters who have taken vows, are known as Religious of the Sacred Heart, or RSCJ (Religieuses du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus, the name in French.) 

Our charism

Charism is a theological term for the extraordinary graces given to an individual for the good of others. Religious congregations refer to their "charism" as the animating spirit behind their mission. Our charism comes from our founder Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, who desired nothing more than to share God's love with students and, through them, the world.

Thus, from our charism comes our mission to discover and reveal God’s love in the heart of the world through the service of education.

Our way of life

As RSCJ, we are called to live lives that are both wholly contemplative, and wholly apostolic, to be people prayer and of action. Our actions are shaped by our prayer and vice versa.

Who we are today

Today, we continue in Sophie's mission and our work and ministry is done with the heart of an educator.

In the USC Province, RSCJ are teachers, administrators, lawyers, nurses, doctors, artists, writers, therapists, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, and social workers. We can be found in a wide variety of ministries and settings, including universities, secondary and elementary schools and popular education centers; in hospitals, shelters, parishes, retreat centers, and prisons. We work with students of all ages; migrants, indigenous people and refugees; women and children; the poor, the sick and the searching.

As RSCJ, we join a vast community of Associates, educators, lay mission partners and Network of Sacred Heart Schools alumnae/i, who share in and live out our mission, revealing God's love in communities throughout the United States, Canada and beyond.

In particular, our Network of Sacred Heart member schools — 25 total in Canada and the United States — provide education to approximately 12,500 girls, boys, young women and young men, each year.

The Society of the Sacred Heart shares in this mission (of the Church)
by making known the revelation of God's love,
whose source and symbol is for us the Heart of Christ.

We participate in the mission of the Church
through the service of education
which is our way of continuing the work of Christ.

— Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart, §3