The logo currently used by the Society of the Sacred Heart was originally designed for an international meeting of Religious of the Sacred Heart in 1988. The design is by Oonah Ryan, RSCJ, a member of this province, with the assistance of Neighborhood Artisans, a group of artists in Detroit. The logo, so simple and yet expressive of Society spirituality, was embraced by the delegates and has been used and adapted by communities, schools and other institutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart ever since.

The heart represents our hearts, the Society of the Sacred Heart, and the Heart of Jesus. Its openness calls us to be as vulnerable, transparent, and welcoming as Jesus is. It is the shape of a ribbon to remind us that communication among us is an essential part of our heritage and essential to our survival. 

The heart surrounds the whole world to remind us of our internationality.

We are called to be open, to embrace, to treasure each other.

At the opening of the heart is a three-dimensional cross. The cross is placed at the opening of the heart because, if we are as open as the world and Jesus call us to be, we will suffer. Without the willingness to suffer, we cannot enter the hearts of each other, cannot be open to the world, or enter the Heart of Jesus.

As Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat reminded us: “To love is to suffer, but not to love is to die.”