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“Transformation surpasses human efforts. We have come to know that transformation is not the same as change.  The strategies of change come from our own initiative, while transformation is always the fruit of an Encounter.” – Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, page 7

Lent invites us into “Encounter.” During this pathway from the honesty of Ash Wednesday to the redemption of walking through suffering into death, we open our heart, our minds, our wills and our lives to the strength and vulnerability of transforming love. In this Encounter, we commit ourselves to open our lives to the conversion of Grace, commitment to serve, and the generosity in holding space and sharing what we receive. Grounded in the Gospel, the Good Samaritan of Fratelli Tutti, and the scriptures of the experience of those in our global family, we invite you to join us for this Lenten journey.

Each Sunday, members of the Sacred Heart Kinship from a variety of “branches” of our family tree will lead us in a reflection to deepen our shared walk through these days. You will also find resources to invite your own Encounter and ways to gather with others in the sacred journey of the heart. Let us awaken our desire to be present and the courage to be people of the resurrection.

Lent 2021

Advent 2020