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Consecrated Life

Consecrated life is a gift of the Spirit to the Church affording me the opportunity to express my vocation in a way and with the means to live it meaningfully in the world, in the Society of the Sacred Heart in accordance with our Constitutions.

My Vocation Story: Deanna Rose von Bargen, RSCJ

By Deanna Rose von Bargen, rscj

This is my third try at writing “my vocation story”! Each time I include too many details, and the whole thing gets too long. This time I have put some of the “interesting stuff” in an appendix, that the reader can access if desired. 

The heart of my vocation is a longing for God. There have been many manifestations of “calling” throughout these 76 years of my life, and lots of “meandering,” but the theme of longing for God, and intimacy with God, has remained the constant.