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Celebration of First Vows for Uchenna Oluoha, RSCJ

  • Celebration of First Vows for Uchenna Oluoha, RSCJ

The Society of the Sacred Heart invites you to prayerfully celebrate with Uchenna Oluoha, RSCJ, as she made her First Vows on the Feast of the Sacred Heart today, June 3, 2016, at St. Mary's Basilica, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The vow ceremony was presided over by Archbishop Anthony Mancini. A highlight was the offertory procession in which the Grade Two students from Sacred Heart School accompanied Uche down the aisle with Nigerian singing, drumming and dancing.

Barbara Dawson, RSCJ, provincial leader of the Society of the Sacred Heart, United States-Canada Province, gave the “Call to Worship." Here is her message:

"Today we celebrate the feast of the Heart of God – the pierced heart of Jesus that was opened in love for each one of us. On behalf of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Canada and the United States, I welcome you to this celebration of Uchenna’s first vows.

"Today Uchenna makes her public commitment to give her life to God in love as a Religious of the Sacred Heart, to be a woman of the heart, a woman of communion and reconciliation, a woman who embraces humanity through a contemplative life and enters into the lives of God’s people through the pierced Heart of Jesus.

"Uche is the newest vowed member of our province, the first Nigerian to make vows in our congregation. She joins all Religious of the Sacred Heart who renew their vows today in 41 countries of our world and who share the same commitment she proclaims today.

"As we begin this celebration, I want to thank Archbishop Mancini for welcoming our novitiate to Halifax and for celebrating this Eucharist with us; Uche’s family and friends for joining us and becoming part of the Sacred Heart family; for Sister Donna Dolan, who accompanied Uche as a novice; for the RSCJ here in Halifax and beyond for being sisters to Uche in her formation process; for the Grade Two students at Sacred Heart School who are Uche’s prayer partners; for the Cathedral community where Uche has ministered and worshiped; and for all the people who have helped Uche arrive to this day.

"Let us pray for Uche in hope and thank God in Eucharist today knowing that we celebrate within the Heart of our God."


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